| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin.

Noble Brother & Scholar,

The trials have shown me I will never understand short people. I will never bring up Mikala after this letter to you again, you ALL think so differently. I wish you a happy life in your endeavors and will not trouble you with my presence or words again. Send word to whom you wish about which other brother-scholar I will speak with should we dock there once again.

For what you feel its worth I am sorry I don’t understand short people customs. I am sorry for upsetting you. I do not ask forgiveness, for that seems to be a rare trait among short people and not everyone possesses it. If I could give you mine I would and regardless of how history views me I forgive you.

Be well tiny scholar, I wish you a long life,


>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the evening of the 28th of Set the year 111. <<<

One Response to “Farewell

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    Forgiveness is added because he is making the assumption that since Malkin treated Mikala the way he did. Since Xerx’ses actively poked him for not trying to help a friend that he will be treated even harsher than Mikala. He feels bad for Malkin, he feels bad that he failed his people and the world will think they are not redeemable. He is beginning to wonder, however, if maybe they should stay hidden and away from the wickedness in the world. Why would the gods let it slip this far? A question clearly and repeatably told is above his pay grade.


    I wrote a great deal about how would a hypothetical “you = Xerx’ses” behave if you had now been officially above ground for 6 months after spending 51 years below ground in a very closed off community.

    Xerx’ses still wonders how long its truly been after the great war? Why is the world not on fire from the great war? He believes in friendship so strongly betrayal is akin to evil and unless a demon possessed you to act against your will, you are evil. Why would you betray your chosen community? Why would the gods employ someone that turned his back on his friend? If the “good” gods said he had to stay put he might understand, but clearly this is a misunderstanding that in mortal based not deific, so again why?

    Xerx’ses is Principled, not worldly, and if someone said to save the group someone had to die he would not wait for discussion and give his life for everyone.

    The idea that good people could worship evil gods is simply abhorrent, and shows how far mortalkind has been swayed to evil. Xerx’ses does not understand truly the scope of the world and still only thinks the Western Empire is: A) 3 inches long on a map B) named by the same idiot that came up with New Kingdom, Old Kingdom, Eastern Territory, etc. C) hopes its not as bad as everyone says it is. So, when it comes to saving the megaverse it never crossed his mind he is saving gods in other worlds, there is:

    Hades – with someplace named Dyval in it.
    Tu’at – thinks it might be a part of Hades
    Ma’ip – Good Gods
    Other – Other Good gods
    Palladium – His friends, and a world that seems to be suffering from a growing wickedness of evil. Maybe an Old One stirring in his sleep?

    That’s all he knows and in Palladium that is a great deal.

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