Gifts Of The Gods

Od 29th

There is a great celebration in our honor and I am late. I have spent the day talking to Greminor, having improvements made to my shield, and now I rush to the sound of cheering crowds toward the Colosseum. I get to the guest box with the rest of CrIsis just in time to hear Gavin and Drauka begin to make bets on the 2 gladiators in the ring. Gavin speaks highly of the minotaur apparently named Beef Supreme and Drauka has praises for General Tinor. They make their bets and Overkill joins in on the fun by betting for the minotaur Beef Supreme. The battle begins, Beef trips and Gen. Tinor cuts across his back, the next strike is also in Tinor’s favor, a third strike wins him the battle and Drauka wins his bet.

Overkill leaves to go to Karowyn’s Merchant House. He picks up $148,000 Wolven gold from the sales of our books. We all get $19,028 gold for our personal use. Overkill and I get up early and run to take care of last minute needs. I went to the Pyramid of Avramstown, and was honored to speak with Apis.

We have a fireside breakfast with all the members and get to meet the new people. I
walked over and sat before Tyvernos and offered him the finger saying ‘Bennu said he had been healed
and this was to welcome him back to Crisis.’ Tyvernos turns to Cava and says before he takes the finger he wants to show his Loyalty by giving him lightning arrows and all the lighting arrows he can use. Cava uses the newly created arrow to shoot a tree branch and proves to be true. Then Tyvernos accepts the Finger of Osiris.

Cava had a great interest in Drauka as he had read about his people in a book. Drauka was surprised and fascinated that anyone knew about where he was from. It seems Cava had a book that told about them extensively. He showed the book to Drauka who held it with reverence. I could read the cover “Aurora Tristinium” I had seen it before when he got it from the Biomancer Firsar.

The rest of Crisis began to, for lack of a better word, interrogate Drauka about his past and how he came to worship Horus. It was a sad story of the loss of his family and his own death due to the odd ways of his people. No Danzi was allowed to hurt another, yet there were raids between the towns and the exiled. Such a raid lost him his family, but as he killed the raiders who killed his family he became one of the exiled. In very bad health he was sent on his way and found on the road dead by priests of Horus. He made a deal for his life and the safety of his people. Thus begins his work for the Gods and joining Crisis.

While we talked Ferrel another new member of Crisis showed his boredom by creating a boat made entirely of butter witch began to float about the room. I fear this took much of my attention while the conversations continued. Cava asked a question of Ferrel and this distraction landed the butter ship right on Tyvernos’ head. I fear I laughed but I was not the only one who was amused by the incident.

Ferrel told us what god he worshiped and I had never hear of her. Ferrel tells us Bast is a party goddess who loves wine and lust, this description does explain a lot about his character. He is a song mage and is gorgeous. His voice almost a match for his looks. Too bad he is not a centaur.

We then asked for true-names and all shared with the others. In light of what happened to Tyvernos I am fully supportive of this. Soon after King Avramson came in and offered us all honorary citizenship of Havea and we all accepted graciously. We then said our goodbyes to the King and gathered around Cava for a teleport to Sinza where our arrival is anticipated by King Bafag. Cava whispers words to the Shimring given to him by Thoth and the world disappears and reappears as a great cavern with a temple below us. The first thing I hear is a shout that echos across the expanse “Overkill!!!”. We are then quickly surrounded and I take a step back to give room to the overwhelming number of dwarves that come to see their hero and friend. I can only watch amused as they cart him off and then turn to the other Crisis members to decide what our plans are for the evening.

Ferrel wants to try the local inns for shelter and entertainment. We are promptly denied entry into the first two but Ferrel manages to charm his way into the third. Ferrel gives a wonderful performance that I greatly enjoy. Then a weird voice comes from the corner Drauka is sitting. I can only stare at the oddity but the dwarves are not amused, it did not help that his next feat was to imitate a dumb dwarf. We were pelted by bad fruit and escorted off the premises.

We decided to look in on the orphans that we brought here after our odd Island adventure. They make me think of Chip; an odd man but full of confidence rarely seen and a great swimmer.
Drauka tries his tricks again and they go over much better with the children than they did with the patrons of the bar. I myself found the voice coming from Tyvernos rear and Otto’s mouth very fun.

Our next stop was the pyramid and its progress where we ran into the old familiar faces of Laladan and Malkin. We found out that Laladan was on his way to join a battle, another evil that the Gods were fighting. So many battles on so many fronts it seems evil is everywhere and Crisis just one of many followers fighting them. I pray to Thoth for their safe journey and return. We then decide to retire for the night for tomorrow was a big day.

We are met by King Bafag first thing as we gather before the Pyramid at Sinza. He greeted us and thanked us for obeying. This riled me up as Crisis does not answer to any king, only the gods. He then had the gall to ask for the Ribs of Osiris and I gave him a resounding NO. I did not trust him and I knew he would not demand them before all to see. I then turned and gave them to Overkill to carry for the honor should be his in his own land. We started our way to the Pyramid and a strange man tried to kiss my ring I told him I was not worthy of such attention and to show his affection to the gods not I. Then Gavin recognized him as a world famous bard. He asked to join us, we were all distracted by the proceedings and told him no.

We reached the steps and began with Horoth, King Bafag, and Christine to climb saying the names of Isis as we went. King Bafags presence felt wrong I did not think be belonged in this party and I felt a sense of dread as we stepped through the portal. I was startled at the sound of lightning hitting the ground and quickly turned about. I could only shake my head as I saw the ash slowly falling to the ground where King Bafag had once stood. Then I saw a clawed foot appear where Horoth stood a moment before and I looked up and kept doing so until I found the head of the great dragon now standing in our midst. Horoth had been a dragon in disguise and newly introduced himself as Kym-nark-mar. I quickly bowed before the god and felt fear, His presence marked an ill time, for he only showed himself when the Old Ones threatened the world. The great Kym-Nark-Mar told us that the Gods of Light are behind us and our quest is important above all. That the gods themselves are at war pushing back the Gods of Dark. I have faith in their strength and power. I a paladin of light will see this to the end or to my death, for this is the calling of Crisis. Then Kym-Nark-Mar leaped into the air and disappeared.

We then made our way to the alter of Osiris where a cat-like god awaited us. Ferrel went into full worship mode and I could only guess that this was his goddess Bast. She asked for the Ribs and Overkill gives them to her. She placed them on the alter and I could not help the sigh of relief as she sealed them to the Pyramid and they hovered within the protection of the gods. She said “Perrrrfect” with oddly rolled Rs then asked us to kneel before her. After she blessed us with a papyrus wand she asked us to go, all save Ferrel that is, so we left them together.

We left the pyramid but when the King did not show chaos ensued. Then Algor appeared, and he along with Kym-Nark-Mar restored order. The power of the gods and their wisdom is shown as they call Overkill’s cousin Minischmee to be the new king. Christine his wife and high priestess is at first shocked then heartbroken for her duty and his will now keep them apart. Overkill tries to comfort her but to no avail. She goes into the temple still sobbing. Then a young women comes to us and says she is to train under Bast herself to be the new high priestess, I smile and give thanks to the gods once again for their wisdom and mercy for their servants, and so the festival of Isis began.

There was much drinking, feasting and contests most notably between our song mage Ferrel and the bard Terramore Gleba. There was much for this country to come to terms with and equality to celebrate for the dwarfs. Terramore asked us once again to join our ranks. I gave my approval on one condition that he only tell the tales that we approve of and he swore this on the god he worshiped. He agreed to my terms and the others agreed to let him come. So now we had two strutting peacocks to deal with, well at least we would not be bored.

Then we decided where our travels would lead us next. There was controversy as to whether we should keep the finger of Osiris to help us on our quest. In the end we decided on keeping it for the time. We decided to also go through Haven on our way to the Yin Sloth jungle to see how bad things really are. If it is much worse than I thought I will agree with Gavin to leave the finger there.

Before we leave we throw a birthday party for Gavin, I gift him with matching knives for him and his wife Morgan. Ferrel made a broach, Overkill got a necklace with the symbol of Ra around it, Cava brought the cake, Morgan finally gave Gavin his wedding ring and Drauka gave them matching earrings.

We set sail fully stocked and ready for the challenges ahead. Ah! The cool breeze of the open sea. I admit there is a fair chill in the air but it lets you know you are alive. In the distance we saw ships I recognized them as the Bizantium naval fleet and waved our well wishes as they passed by. Then the weather got a little rough, sleet came down hard on our heads. I was thankful for my cloak though now I noticed how miserable Drauka was. I stood between him and the wind to try to give him relief whenever he had to be on deck. The storm lasted for a week, even I began to feel the chill in my bones. When it cleared we were lost. Ferrel called up a magic pigeon and sent it toward our destination. Overkill was able to follow and we were able to get back on course.

While back on our way I felt the coming of danger thanks to the magic ring Greminor made for me. We came under attack by two daemons from the deep. I made ready the magic weapon Thoth blessed me with the knowledge to use and fired as it leaped across our deck. I struck my target, but then it became a waiting game. When and where it would show itself again. Another attack came and claimed one of our crew. Quixis went down with the beast and Drauka went in quickly after. I ran to the side to help but could not see where they were. Gavin, who is more sensitive, was able to find them and pull them back to the boat. Morgan was quick as ever to mend wounds and help our fallen members. I found myself once again giving thanks to the gods for their safe return. Though I doubt Drauka sees it that way, today he has been blessed.

Posted on the 14th of Od, in the 68th year of the Wolfen Empire.

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