Greminor’s Reply

Greatest Alchemist on Palladium

greminor picDear Chip the Dip-

I told you how much I hate the “Grem” nickname…
That being said, you are in luck, for all the spells given are already part of my vast knowledge, except for the fly spell, which I can learn from a certain lovely elf that taught your gnomish friend. Why did you put greatest alchemist in Palladium in quotes- you know that it is true, yes?

Bracelet will take some time, and be quite expensive- have you seen the price of gantrium? Consider it done as well as long as 45 days have passed.

We look forward to your return. Some demons paid you a visit here, and were quickly disposed of. I needed an Alu bone for something I was working on anyways.

Send my best to Malkin, ask the Ranger how he liked his arrows, and club the Dwarf in the head if you can reach that low. Oh, and tell him I have his “dwarven-quality” right here, and if he doesn’t want my namesake I will tell the King, and we will take the sword back- preferably with his head on it. Ungrateful, and typical for a dwarf! Oh, and tell the Gnome that his dog is planning a coup d’état, and that he told Bruce exactly that (schemers).

Be Well!
Greminor Lector
Greatest Alchemist on Palladium
Corg 24, Wolfen Empire 68th year.

2 Responses to “Greminor’s Reply

  • Well this guy certainly has some attitude…I suspect it was well earned though. Chip the Dip…sounds like something Ursus would come up with.

  • I forgot that Tim went by the alias Bruce…

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