Hardened Heart and Resolve

Roggan go to Smithy. Roggan buy piece of iron, Smithy make Iron look like Heart. … Roggan Heart. Roggan ask Smithy if Roggan can watch, and Smithy let Roggan watch. Smithy not know what Iron Heart for, but Roggan know.

Roggan do this for Gina. Roggan do this for CrIsis. Roggan never say Roggan love *every*-one again. Roggan hate Fenrir Demons. Fenrir Demons all die, Roggan make sure.

Roggan watch Smithy melt Iron, Iron turn to magma, bright hot. Roggan watch Smithy pour Iron into mold. Roggan watch Smithy cool iron, use oil, water, salt. Roggan hold Roggan Heart in Roggan hand. Heart feel heavy, cold, dead. Roggan scared Roggan real heart turn heavy cold and dead. But Cow Lady not teach Roggan to make Golem Body if Roggan die. Would Cow Lady do that?

Roggan get Roggan stuff ready, for Roggan body. Roggan kneel in dirt, with Roggan Iron Heart in Roggan hand. Roggan say prayer to Cow Lady.

‘Cow Lady! Gina die! Please, cow lady, please guard Gina spirit. Take Gina to Rock Heaven in Llorn. And smack Dookie for Roggan. Roggan need to make another golem. Roggan going to make Golem Body for Roggan. Roggan do something great like Earth Warlocks that make Canal. Cow lady send help to Roggan tonight. Send comfort tonight for Roggan, ‘cus Roggan old body die, and Roggan not be Trog anymore. Roggan cry for Happiness and for Sadness. But Roggan determined.’

Roggan ask Master Kel-ed help Roggan make Roggan body. Kel-ed help Roggan, so Roggan do Ritool perfect. Roggan not want to take chance, not want to make mistake.

Roggan make Clay, and sculpt body big, body strong. Roggan make body 20 feet tall. Roggan make arms big, same size as Roggan body. Roggan make small arms, with small hands too, so Roggan make Neckies and Rings and Wristies, but Kel-ed tell Roggan that Roggan make the elbow joints wrong for golem tiny arms. Jewel arms bend backwards, Kel-ed say. But Kel-ed make arms bend right.

Roggan draw circle with star for Ritool. Roggan use blood. Roggan start to chant special prayer Cow Lady teach Roggan. Roggan dance around Golem. Kel-ed start chanting something other than Roggan chant. Roggan not understand Kel-ed words. Golem start to turn into Iron, Roggan get lifted into air! Kel-ed chant change. Roggan feel like Roggan touching the iron of Roggan body, start to feel iron all over, but Roggan not next to Body. Roggan look at Kel-ed in eyes. Roggan hear in Roggan head, in boomy voice: ‘LAST CHANCE!’

‘Roggan do this! For Crisis! For Gina! For Cow Lady!’

Roggan body start to burn! Roggan HURT, more than when Roggan die, more than two times Roggan die!! Roggan look at Roggan body, and Roggan skin melting off, iron burning onto it, like Smithy. Kel-ed turn Roggan to magma, and Magma Body drip onto Iron Body. Roggan feel Magma body and Iron body. Roggan stay concentrated. Magma gone, Iron only thing that Roggan feel now. Roggan feel magic stop.

It Finished.

Roggan go to lick Roggan eye, and Roggan not have tongue!!!! Well Roggan tongue short, not like Roggan tongue should be. Roggan not talk like Roggan should, Roggan mumble. Roggan ask “Where Roggan tongue?” But Kel-ed gone. Roggan feel alone. Roggan feel tired, Roggan feel sad. Roggan feel cold, Roggan feel heart. Roggan scream in Anger and Pain.

Roggan not Roggan, Roggan Iron Man. Roggan change forever, but Roggan now do what Roggan need to do. Kill Fenrir Demons. Kill Anubie. Kill Set. Roggan hate evil.

Roggan Hate flow like Magma in Roggan Cold Heart. Forever.




>>As scrawled by Roggan on Selestra 5th in the year 111.<< Picture credits: Roggan Golem from the player himself, Gaitkeeper.

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