Her Name Was Jasmine

We are off to see Old Haven part III


I have something to tell you about me and why I am so distrustful of this mage and his secrets, but even more of his intoxicants.

Her name was Jasmine. She was the first love of this old pirate (well I am actually quite young). She had joined the crew while I was made first mate. There was some magic in her that,
well. it was nice to have a rough woman on board. For callused hands, they sure turned to satin when she wanted them too. Her hair was as dark as charcoal and her eyes were like that of a tiger’s, deep and mysterious, and lips red like rose petals.

I had gotten to know her for about three months and wanted to aspire to have my own ship so that she could be my dwarven queen of the sea. I was going to marry the gal and make her mine. We laughed together, ate together and drank together. We would watch the stars at night and take long walks on the ship volunteering for watch. I was sure that she would be mine one day.

That didn’t happen. One night, a week later after I had made my plan for marriage, the boys had got drunk and stupid, they thought that it would be appropriate to take advantage of one of their own. After all she was going to be a bride and what is a bride without a party in her honor. After drinking and singing with her and getting her drunk to the point of almost passing out, they dragged Jasmine kicking and screaming into an alleyway and had their way with her and one human at a time; 12 in all; the final one who had got a little rough choked her to death while having his way.

When the men come back to the ship, smelling of urine and ale, I asked about my sweet Jasmine and they all spoke in a low hushed tone as they told of what they did and her whereabouts. They assumed that I could do nothing of it and assumed that I was going to rat them out to the captain. I turned around and did what they predicted; I told the captain everything they had said.

I took Minischmee and then left the ship to find my sweet Jasmine. My shipmates would not talk nor come near me as I was now furious and with tracks to my beard. I found her just where they said that she was. She was covered in milky fluid and smelled of death and piss.

The two of us dwarves bundled her up carefully and paid for a plot there in the town of Me’zfii Onh. That night the two of us buried her. I wasn’t rich and neither was Mini but we paid for a simple stone that would read her name and said a prayer to Osiris to keep her.

The next few months I was vicious and cruel to any and all humans especially the twelve involved. To insure they paid for their crime when I was made captain I hung the whole lot of them. It was silly to think that I would have forgiven them for their crime of murder. It came as quite a shock to the rest of the crew. I had been the torturer of the team and not once made a comment or action against those men who had murdered my sweet Jasmine.

The hangings were slow and painful. Men pleaded for me to cut them down as they were calling for mercy and their mothers. When they were dead, I ordered the bodies to be dumped in the ocean. All of my senior human staff quit, which was fine with me. I hired a Dwarven staff and continued my quest as the new captain, renamed the ship, and saved the rest of the crew from Bizantium’s clutches for the next couple of years. I would have stayed that man had Osiris not called me to be his holy crusader. A title I am proud to have and am honored. I just hope that Mary is truly safe. Malkin please again keep this secret and tell no one.


Sent to Malkin via magic pigeon.

Written by Overkill on the 6th of Majestic the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from RPG.net.

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