I Won What?

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin.

Noble Brother & Scholar,

The Good news.

Night of the 28th/29th – After Brother Indaris blessed Mayor Elanu they went on to find some noteworthy archer named Evan Eastwood and presented him with the rune arrow – Natura in exchange for becoming the captain of the watch of New Crests. So far so good and while the search for Mikala moved onward…

… you remember Mikala, old Defiler companion getting defiled by Set because you’re sore. I saw a pillow merchant outside the Trials thought you might want one for your pride, its not getting any younger I hear. I know I sleep pretty good but could you recommend the person that made your bed and bedding? I am just curious what kind of fabric would allow me to forget a companion I stood with in battle while evil tortured him? Oh, I must apologized the bed may be cursed to make you forget your friend. If that is the case I apologize and recommend burning that bed, just saying.

As Master Overkill and I slept, Brother Indaris, Master Tyvernos andMaster Ja’Deir head back to the demon infested apothecary shop to investigate. Good Master Ja’Deir said they decided to go as seagulls but the poor priest was so bad his bird looked as though it had been retarded from pecking at mologoth shite for food. Well he was born human can’t fault him for that. When they arrive no one invisible in the street or around the house as Master Tyvernos listens and Brother Indaris senses two supernatural evil below the group, and other evil emanations. Through thorough checking they find a way in for seagull size.

They see the Old Lady and the Man from before and the old lady reports to “the man” and then it was explained the Old Lady had invisible cronies, four I believe, that reported to the Old Lady that…
…the plans for the search parties are going to plan. Master Ja’Deir reported that he had to change back and forth with the gnome warlock’s help to plant the Eye Tile we had found among the intruders on the manor. All those present appear to have the same amulets from the manor intruders earlier. They also see parchment in the room similar to what the Agent would use. Hmm, I wonder if they have finally laid eyes upon the man I mean to kill?

Almost two hours past high moon on the 29th I am told by Master Tyvernos as he came to get Master Overkill and I that Mikala was thought to have returned but was a demonic ruse to separate CrIsis and drive more fear into the city and good folk around the world. When we arrive via elemental courier to the apothecary shop we split into two groups for front and rear assaults. Through spells and cunning strikes we subdue a member of the underlings before they can use the amulets to flee to the dreaded island of Cynopolis via magic! Back to sleep for Master Overkill and I as the others, my friends, question our trophy.

The others and I use magic to burn the apothecary shop to the ground. Later on the 29th I am able to find a town crier and guardsmen and tell them of the demon infestation on the way to the games. Once the crier hears and has it confirmed by the guard’s acknowledgement of how we stamped out evil our praises are sung that day throughout the town! People begin talking about how odd the apothecary shop owner was. People just need to have the veil of ignorance pulled back and in the light evil cannot hide.

I might have already mentioned the javelin, but I began winning competitions for my sponsors of the physical matches, the Gold Coast Trading Company. After winning the Javelin throw I was offered to try my hand at dueling and Brother Indaris loaned me his sword. It is amazingly balanced but even at 6 feet I was worried that since it was normal I might break it. So I kept it out of harm’s way as I fought my opponents and won dueling! Ha can you believe it? I got help from my teammate and triumphed over adversity. Wow, if Mikala only had someone like that from his days, hmmm? I then won the Discus, but nearly dislocated my arm the throw was so hard, over 300 feet! The Dolochos long race I placed second which surprised me I have never met anyone that could run faster than I could.

I got into a philosophical disagreement with Mayor Elanu over the search for his brother and then went to sleep. On the 30th of Pegasus I got trounced in Pankration by a Titan, but that samed Titan made it to the finals against Master Overkill and WOW WHAT A BATTLE. Overkill had to surrender his victory to the Titan but was cheered by the crowd for making the giant work for it!!! In the Stadion short run I again place 2nd to the same individual from the Dolokos. Four hours after highsun were the closing ceremony and then party.

I place 1st for Dueling and Pentathlon, while Overkill placed 1st in Single Oar Rowing! Now on to Wisdom for the magic trials! Part of me wants to mention Mikala is still missing but you clearly don’t care so what’s the point.

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the evening of the 30th of Pegasus the year 111. <<<

Malkin picture from Caravan Magazine.
Duel picture from 99 Covers.
Arrow picture from Hobbit Design Contest.
Lightning picture from Hendersonville Generators.

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