In Elves We Trust

| Reader Note: This has been sent to
| the tower of Sulyott the All-Knowing.
| Located in a place called Mishala.

Dear Commander Terramore Gleba,

This missive comes on the field of battle not 30 seconds pass the between our alliance with the Serelan Minotaur Tribe, whom all worship gods of light! Their lead tribal elder, Xixin, is a Palladin of Rurga! He has seen the famous tree planted by great and powerful, Lictalon in the Eastern Territories. You must know of it as the place Sir Quixis calls the Glade. We attacked their bitter foes and now resting across my legs as I scribe this on the back of my spell book…

Please ignore the blood, yes its mine but this is important

…is the Right Femur of the Lawgiver himself! It was being used by the Old One worshiping Minotaur Tribe, the Idrijian! I promise to write more when I can but their may be reinforcements coming and Master Overkill was knocked unconscious fighting Minotaurs on his own and killing one of the Minotaurs turned into a Vampires by the forces of evil!

Yes we fought a few Minotaur turned Vampires! By the Light we barely won and we had to resurrect Xixin after he killed a few of the evil Minotaurs and was laid low.

I used Xixin’s Millennium Spear and charged the leader goring him on the wooden shaft and my spell-infused super strength, and Master Cava flew past and finished him off. This was maybe 30-35 seconds ago and I am scribbling this as fast as I can before my spells wear off.

Please write a glowing bit for Master Azariel he identified the leader. Mistress Iana use her powers of the mind to bring Xexin back from the abyss. Lastly, by all that is holy the Lord of Wisdom has taken pity on this unworthy mage to see my pigeon made it to you and you have done admirably! When this is over, and the Lawgiver by his Lady’s side, and my kind hiding from persecution once again know that I will look back and see the Elves as the benevolent race history proclaimed you to be when the Age of Light started. You all are my heroes, now to see to the good dwarf.

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the 30th of Thoth the year 111. <<< Fighting Bard picture from Tolkien Across the Water.
AZ-Rune drew the Xerx’ses and Cava picture.

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