In Which Rell Is Just Rell

There is something to be said about travel by land

From the Journal of Rell, written using Eastern Phonemes and Fairyspeak words.

Dated this 18th day of Corg in the 340th year of the dominion:
It has been decided. We will drop off the good bishop and Mary. After that, we will travel to drop off the Tongue of Osiris at ########.

I will truly be relieved to lose this burden, for burden it has become. At first I felt honored to be chosen to carry a piece of the sundered god, but now?

I am worried all of the time that I will lose it in the depths of this accursed ocean. A real man does not put his trust in anything beyond the flesh of a horse. I had to be blessed of the gods to even understand this infernal contraption that we ride the back of each day without termination.

There is too much water.

And were I to fall into this…expanse of crushing blue, I would take the tongue with me into my watery grave. Chip seems to believe that he could rescue the tongue no matter what depth it were to fall to, but I have my doubts. We are, all of us, mortal after all.

After we drop off the bishop and Mary at Credia, and following a brief layover for re-provisioning, we shall be traveling by land again. We are at least a month away from that point, but even so, I can not wait to have the unmoving earth beneath my feet.

I pray to Apis that we survive.

Dated this 23rd day of Corg in the 340th year of the dominion:
We are joined by a centaur of all things. A centaur! She, for she is the first member of CrIsis that is female, is also a palladin. She becomes the second overt follower of Thoth in our group, after Overkill’s change in faith. She is pleasant to look at, but she has an attitude on her that would drive even the most patient to distraction.

She got herself into a drinking contest with Chip, Greldarr, and Overkill, and came in second to Chip. She thought him human.

Well, she won more on that bet than she lost, so she can’t really be considered foolish, but whether or not she is wise is yet to be determined.

She was truly impressive in her plate armor and barding, and I can tell you I would never personally attempt to stand against a charging centaur. And if there were more than one…

I am only glad that she is on our side and not against us.

Dated this 24th day of Ra in the 340th year of the dominion:
I write daily in my journal, and wonder if every entry is being taken by Rod Rambler or if only a select few are. These past weeks of travel have been grating, but for the first time they feel worth it.

Speaking of mister Rambler: Since visiting the Library of Bletherad, it has become apparent that if I wish my own ramblings to be published in the next book of our exploits I need to stop writing the places we are heading to. I still find the whole concept to be less than intelligent, the thought that our enemies will be able to track out movements from logs that we wrote months ago on trails that have gone cold.

But as the greater portion of the group feel so strongly about it, I have gone back and scratched out the entries I included previously. I hope that they, my companions have no problems with me naming places we have already been.

If the majority of my logs are cut out of the next book my compatriots and I will have words.

Yes, the newest book has been published. No, most of my logs did not make the post. Someday, I very well may just have to publish the entirety of my journal. Then we will see what the rest of my group has to say about it.

Must stop this. This does not add to group unity, even though I truly feel that they have failed in part of the calling that we have of the gods. We are not here to just re-assemble the sundered god. We are here also to inspire the adherents of our faith. We need to be shining examples of the gods.

So far we are failing miserably.

That is not to say that there is no hope.

We spent two weeks researching in the library, and I found something that both terrifies me, and gives me great hope. The Isle of Set is a real place, and someday in our future we may have the opportunity to confront the god in his abode.

I enjoin the god to be arrogant. Please, simply wait for us on your island of the damned, and we will come there in our strength and defeat you.

Dated this 27th day of Ra in the 340th year of the dominion:
Again, we are victorious, but at what cost? There is victory in preventing your opponents from achieving victory. But our ship is damaged, and our morale is a bit low. We were pounded almost into the ground by the barrage of the five ships that we faced against. We slipped by them, but not before we again lost the crows nest, and young looking Gavin was drained completely of energy. We now have the boat that we need when we anchor off untamed shore, but how will we be able to face these fleets of pirates that ever trouble us on our voyages.

Brigands are so much easier to deal with, and I truly wish we would travel over land more.

Two more days, and we shall once again be moving on the earth, for which I shall be truly thankful.

Posted by Rell on the 27th day of Ra in the 340th year of the Eastern Dominion.

Picture from The Apiary

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  • Someone seems hesitant about the water…interesting.

    He seems to really be feeling the weight of the burden upon CrIsis’ shoulders. Of course ALL eventually feel it…given enough time.

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