Internal Politics

Some Things Are Private

Dear Cava and CrIsis,

I must state that I wish to stay out of all internal politics. It is the Church’s policy to suggest, influence and advise, but not to rule. Off the record, however, I am most troubled by your report. I will reach out once this letter is written to both Father Radtin and to High Priest Luthar about your concerns about the Duke.

I do appreciate the update, and will personally make plans to visit Llorn within this month. I have not shared your letter with anyone, not even Thabu, and he will stay here in Haven to keep an eye on Zizean. Speaking of, the Jinn has been most active meeting with the worshipers of Taut recently in New Haven, even giving a public sermon this week. I am afraid that my dreams of a united church were just that, dreams.

If you are still in Wisdom when this letter finds you, tell King Hafton that my blessings are upon him and his new bride, and that she is with child- he will then know you are speaking truths, for they do not yet know.

As far as dealing with leaders, you must always stroke their egos- compliment them. Never disagree openly with them, but make subtle suggestions that move your views forward, slowly. A hammer is very ineffective with those in power, but soft words can move mountains. Patience is the key.

I will write to you again when I leave Llorn back to Haven, to let you know what I observed.

Written on the 6th of Selestra by Bishop Rose Nodeki, in the 341st year of the Dominion of the Eastern Territory.

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