Interview With A God

I’ve always been known to watch people; how they act, how they move, how they speak, but this person is truly alien to me. I must know this Chip guy. I need to know who he is what makes him the way he is and why he is in our world. I finally got my chance while Cava was out hunting deer. These are the records of the conversation with Chip, an interview with a god.

As I sat there looking at his mysterious weapons and outfit he seemed interested by my curiosity and for the moment was willing to entertain my inquiries.

“So what is this big shiny metal thing?”, as unbeknown to Gavin, he was playing with the safety of an assault rifle while looking down the barrel.

As Chip quickly takes back his gun, he replies,”The large shiny object is like a bow from my world. It throws arrows that will pierce mountains. It is not to be trifled with.” He continues describing it, “The bayonet is just for creatures in my land that are impervious to magic, and to some energies.”

What kind of world has these kinds of things? I have never seen such a weapon before. I still haven’t seen it go off, but if it can shoot through mountains, then I would love to not be on the wrong end of his arrows.

“So where do you come from? What is it like?”, Gavin asked inquisitively.

Chip continued his answers, “My world is much different from here. Much is the same, the landscapes, features, seas but the people and the creatures are mostly horrific. There are evils from across the universe where I lived and grew up.”

A land full of evils? This could only mean one thing!
“Are you a god?”

Chip laughed. “No, my people, once humans, were touched… some say by a god not very long ago… only a few hundred years ago.”

Gavin then remembers the trident. This is such a weird weapon for a land walker to carry. “So your trident is a water based weapon. Did you live in the seas?”

“Yes, all my people come from the seas. It is beneath the waves that my people were touched by the “other”, and we live beneath them to this day.” Chip was now holding the trident, looking at it with fond memories. It looks as though he misses the place.

Gavin starts looking at Chip’s legs curiously, “Are you related to mermaids? Or are you a siren?” As Gavin remembers all the people Chip has been with thus far.

Chip starts laughing, like an old man used to this question, and having answered it many times before he goes about his routine again. He answers, “No. We are not related to any other being. I, however, am related to Amazons. Are there any here?”

Gavin looks blankly at Chip.

He continues, “No, apparently not. Pity. Amazons are beautiful creatures, very similar to us and humans.”

Gavin replies, “Like Dryads?”

Chip starts staring off again, “More beautiful, and sometimes as isolated, but not quite as tied to trees, or nature, as Dryads. No, Amazons are creatures of magic, and mind-magic and they always breed true. When they breed its always female.”

Gavin can’t seem to grasp this. How could these Amazons be more beautiful than a Dryad? Dryads are known for seducing a man into a daze in which they lose all control. Many don’t think to eat, drink or even breathe sometimes when in the presence of these creatures. I should be really careful around this guy. He may try this trick on me or Rell who seems infatuated with him at the moment.

Gavin continues, “So you are an Amazon of the sea?”

The group is now back with a large buck, Chip starts to get up and walks towards them. He turns back and says, “Yes, that is very appropriate.”

The group stands there waiting for Mary who begins prepping the meal. I am left with more questions than ever. This guy could be telling the truth or maybe he is some demigod or maybe he is from our future somehow. All I know is that I really want to play with that metal weapon again.

A conversation between Gavin & Chip.

Posted by Gavin on the 19th day of Majestic, in the 8th year of King Gedro.

The picture of Chip is of Jason Lewis and Gavin is a picture drawn by the player Himself.


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