Letters To Home

Missin’ Your Home Cookin’

Dear Mom and Dad,

By now you have probably heard many different stories of my adventures and whereabouts. What is true, is that I have joined the group CrIsis and I am now a prominent member amongst them. Skred has taken over my role as acting general for now, but has been focused on working with the Timiro army. He has enlisted to help fight off an Ogre and Orc uprising. How are you doing with finding reinforcements for the cause? My army may need your assistance and inspiration in the near future. You may need to take over for me as I have attracted too much attention to myself. For now I know that many may not know who I am, but I fear that my million gold bounty will attract hunters out of retirement. One of the most dangerous is Walrue. I am sure his reputation precedes him and the direness of this situation is most apparent. I will do my best to survive, but I must share some important information.

I have taken a spouse and have now had a child. My spouse is Morgan and I met her while on my current quest. I have told her that if something were to happen to me, she should try to seek you out at some point in her life to have introduce you both to your grandchild. We hope to name it as soon the child chooses its preferred sex. I hope that it will follow in my path of becoming a powerful mind mage. I can sense a strong latent psychic energy even at this early age. It will be great to see the potential the child holds. Thoth even came down and blessed our child.

I may need to speak with King Gedro in the near future to save my compatriots from his wrath. I hear he is a godly man so I hope his reputation precedes him. Either way, I have accepted my fate and I know that Ra will smile upon my trust in him. I hope to hear from you soon. Maybe if there is a piece of Osiris near you guys, I can visit! If you guys could do some research about the area, it would be much appreciated.

Love you lots,

Posted by Gavin on the 11th of Thoth in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

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