Llorn Sucks!

My Best Apology

Dear Overkill,

I hate Llorn! I feel that my life is a game where Anubis is winning! This was truly the case here!

I just want you to know that I am safe, and on my way home to Northolme. I have acquired a protector, a female Ramen. She showed up when there was a knock on my hotel door. I ran to open it, expecting you. Instead it was a human with a leering grin. He looked like Cava, but even dirtier and scruffier! He went to reach for me, and suddenly Senyan threw him against the wall. She made quick work of the evil man, and then made his body disappear. She said that once we are away from civilization we will teleport back to Northolme!

I for one will be thrilled to be away from humans! I do not know how you deal with them!

Hoping you retire from all of this soon- you are missing not only the years with me, but most importantly, the years with your daughter, Boduri! She will be 1 year old soon- I hope that you will be in Northolme for her birthday!

Miss You!

Written by Mary on the 1st of Selestra, in the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from El Grimlock.

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