Lopanic Games Info

Overkill and the rest of CrIsis,

You had asked for information about the Lopanic Games this year, so I have gathered as much as I could. This is the info on those events which are good for the lung.

1st 2 races are Bump races- bump the rower in front by catching up.
(hint) One of the keys are the builders! Better boat means bonuses.

Mounted Combat-
Up until quarterfinals it is to 1st blood, after must be on horse while other not able to ride. 3 classes- Light, Medium, & Heavy. 1 weapon only- typically polearm. Cannot throw or shoot a weapon, but can charge & use horse.
(hint) Can kill horse- not favored move, but can, up until the final.

100, 150, & 200 meters. 30 seconds to fire. Up to quarters, 3 arrows/rd. Quarters 6 arrows.
(Hint) Make of bow is key.

Items of various weights to reach quarters. Quarters on are bells. Up to quarters 1 item, over head for 3 seconds. Quarters on 2 bells, 1 hand each.
(Hint) 3 times vs PS attribute check. Can sacrifice a ps point to increase weight!

Swords only! One of only 2 events (Freestyle Duel) where death is not DQ. Up to quarters, first blood.
(Hint)The Games are usually known by the winner of this event! Favorite for the Lung!

As per Combat rules, unarmed. Anything goes!
(Hint) Outside of norm usually has a leg up!

5 Events, as per their rules- Long Jump, Wrestling, Javelin, Discus, & Stadion.
(Hint) Winning is best point total, so consistency is key.

Long Jump- (Hint) Proper use of the weights, or halteres, can mean the difference.
Wrestling- Body Block/Squeeze only
Javelin- PS + roll- Crits double roll amount
Discus- Same general as Javelin
Stadion- 1D20+ Spd is meters run

Freestyle Duel-
(hint) Make sure the judges have not been bribed, or the wards do not have holes- this would give unfair advantages.

Freestyle Triathlon-
(hint) The above hint, plus try to whittle the competition down by incapacitating your strongest opponents in the monster fight. This will give you extra time to solve the cryptomantic puzzle.

General Information-
You should arrive at least 1 week prior to the games. You should find out from your sponsors if they will have tents and/or lodging for you. If not, I highly recommend organizing that now! This Games will be the most highly attended in History!

I would also make sure that you are in the Gods of Light’s good graces, for I know for a fact that those of the Dark would like nothing better than to get Osiris’ Lung! After all, with all of the shapechangers that you are stating they are employing…. well, I digress.

Finish of report.

Now that I have fulfilled the promise of giving you the info that you had requested, I have asked, and received, release from doing research for you all. I will always be friends with some of you, and will be rooting for your success. The good elf Ondemeira the White will be your go between for the books now. She is housed in the castle of King Guy the First in Credia. I can no longer endure the insults of the Minotaur, and was afraid my opinion was being put into the books.

Speaking of, since you are not anywhere near civilization any longer, the 6th book has been released on Algor 1, today, worldwide! It is called Crisis in CrIsis, and consists of 50 logs, from Chip’s Ahoy to Let’s Talk. CrIsis is in Llorn, and is made up of Overkill, Cava, Gavin, Tyvernos, and Roggan. It states at the end that it is the final CrIsis book to be written by Rod Rambler. I have included the first 2 chapters of someone that I find fascinating, a Danzi named Kah’ria, at the end of your book. She will be the next subject covered by Rod Rambler. I will no longer be told where you are by the Gods- but you will be in my thoughts and prayers!

I need a break, to search for more signs of the Zealotry.

Fare thee well, wherever you may fare! May Isis Torch guide you to safety!
Malkin Falimede.
Sent on the 1st of Algor, in the 70th year of the Wolfen Empire.

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