Lost in Tranzlation


And back to the Library. There was no way I was going to be marked walking around the set location from Lord of the Ringswith weapons from Star Wars. So yeah I made us all huff it back to the boat but it was worth it. I mean, it’s bad enough that I am walking around in a t-shirt and cargo pants.

So on the way back just to be extra safe, I mask my powers. It is about as close as I can get to being stealth-like while walking up the front door of an ancient library in broad daylight. However I must admit that maybe I am being a little over cautious. This town in a way mirrors some of the larger free cities back home. There are people of every race and walk of life here, and the air is generally pleasant. Everyone is focused on business and not on trying to step on anyone’s toes. I think maybe the Wolves of Unusual Size who run this berg may account for some of the tranquility but I could be missing something else going here.

Anyways, so we go through a standard security checkpoint on the inside of the museum, I mean, Library. Well it could be a museum. This place is HUGE and very nicely put together. An attention to aesthetics was observed when they made this place and why not? When you have a square mile within which to create a center for learning, why do it shabbily?

So we ask for Malkin and we are directed to the ‘Halls of the Prophet’. I raised an eyebrow at this but I don’t think anyone was paying me any attention. However my intuition or ability to recognize the foreshadowing of my own life was dead one because we meet this classically sage like dude who upon halfway-learning about our quest, whisks us away with all measure of security and confidence, takes us to his own workshop to talk (where I could have spent the rest of the week) then brings us back to the Great BookStore, past all of the security checkpoints with more than relative ease and kick starts our mission in to 3rd gear by giving us a number of the exact books that we will require in-order to take this party to the next level. Wow.

And I gotta say, the next level, is gonna be rough.

I wanna go back home, gather a flotilla, come back and THEN try to attack a dragon with Alzheimer’s and a mean disposition to boot. But there is not going home Jack. Not yet anyways. Jeez, what have I gotten myself into. I drive boats. That’s it. Sure, sometimes I drive them directly at things that want to kill me but at least I usually do it within a days journey from home…

Oh well, no guts no glory right?

Recorded by Bexx on March 6th, PA 109.

Picture is of Trinity College, Dublin’s library.

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