Malkin To The Rescue

Dear Malkin Falimede,

I am writing to you in a most dire time indeed. Time is of the essence, as you are reading this I urge you to please consider the utmost importance of the urgency and fragility of its nature. My friend Skred, CrIsis, and I have decided to take on the likes of Manus Trebelium, in a hope to free Timiro from certain war. Manus is a high orc and leads an army of high orcs against the Timiro Kingdom. He has left behind a trail of destruction in every place he has visited. This seems to be the only way to guarantee my freedom. We must take down Manus before I have any hope of being free from my bounty. This is a massive task and we cannot do it without your help. If you could send myself and Skred any information, we would be much appreciative. Attached is a drawing of the red symbol of Manus. I hope this helps in distinguishing what to look for. Apparently they are part of the lost 13th tribe of high orcs. Again any information about this will be much help. We will be making our way to the disclosed location which is attached to the picture, where the high orc army is located. Skred, however, is stationed in Fort Calda. I ask that if you know of anyone who could aid us in this war, that you may ask for their help. We hope to sneak into the heart of the orc army and behead the leader known as Manus. Again I offer my condolences for Ferrel. I hope to visit you soon one day that we may reflect on the good he has done in his life, not just the bad.

Sincerely in dire need,
General Gavin Mordox

Posted by Gavin on the 9th of Corg in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

Image from The Fifth Corner.

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