Morning Of The 25th Of Ra

Xerx’ses moves away from the group and kneels.

“This is a new day!”

He has gathered pot and cup from the iron frame, and a some embers from the fire. Today he prays without his father’s Flail of Prayers and he feels the need to offer sacrifice. As he utters his prayers he mentions all the gods of light and cuts his finger and drops his magical infused blood into the cup for each prayer or hymn. He then takes the embers and burns his offering to the lords of light.


You God of Life, you Lord of Love,
All men live when you shine.

You are the crowned king of the all.
Your daughter ISIS embraces you,
and enfolds you in all seasons.
Those who follow you sing to you with joy,
and they bow down their foreheads to the earth
In gratitude for your radiant blessings.

O RA, You the King of Truth, the Lord of Eternity,
The Prince of Everlastingness,
You Sovereign of all Gods,
You God of Life, you Creator of Eternity,
You Maker of Heaven.
All the Gods rejoice at your rising.

O RA, You giver of all life,
The Earth rejoice when it sees your golden rays
People who have been long dead
come forward with cries of joy
to behold your beauties every day.
You go forth each day over Heaven and Palladium.

O RA God of Life, you Lord of Love,
All men live when you shine.


All hail, jubilation to You, ISIS, O Golden One,
Mysterious One who gives birth to the divine entities,
Forms the animals, models them as She pleases, fashions men…

Luminous One who thrusts back the darkness,
who illuminates every human creature with your rays,
hail, Great One of many Names…

You from whom the Divine Entities come forth
You-Who-Cause us to breathe,
Daughter of Ra,
Daughter of the Word
whom He spat forth from His mouth

O Venerable Mother, You who subdues Your adversaries.
O You-Who-Knows-How-To-Make-Right-Use-of-the-Heart,
You who triumphs over Your enemies.

It is the Golden One…
the Lady of Extasy,
of Music, of Dance, of incense,
of the Crown, of Young Women,
Whom men acclaim because they love Her!

It is the Gold of the Divine Entities,
who comes forth at Her season,
the Day of the New Moon,
at the Festival of “She is Delivered”…

Heaven makes merry,
Palladium is full of gladness,
the Castle of Horus rejoices.


Mighty Thoth!
Lord of Wisdom and magic
God of the rune and ward,
I honor you with my very breath
and the ink which flows from my veins.
I have known your Love
and felt unworthy.
I have known your disappointment
and responded with guilt.
But you have remained –
my silent teacher.
Your glory has surrounded me
though I was unaware.
For it is You, Tehuti,
who drive me towards greatness
who inspires my growth
who guides me in my quest
for knowledge
for understanding
for wisdom.
Your bright eyes smile upon me;
I feel them.
With the reed in your hand
you write blessings on my heart.
And when that heart shines,
I shine it for you,
bright Lord of Wisdom,
whose magic has led me
and whose star guides me still.


Prayer to Bast
Oh, Bast, Ubasti, Queen of Cats,
Lady of Love and Pleasure,
I offer you my humble thanks,
for all that you have granted unto me.
Continue to share with me your strength,
and your fire.

Lend me your understanding,
show me your wisdom.
Give me the courage to be all that I can be,
and the ability to know myself as you know me.
May I take with me from this journey to the Ma’at,
a feeling of peace that will be with me,
in the days and weeks to come.

May I feel enlivened and liberated from all care.
May you please help me strengthen my life,
with love, unity, and grace.
I ask this in your name, Bastet,
Lady of Ankhtawy, Lady of Asheru, Daughter of Ra.


Prayer to Horus
Hail Horus, god of light,
Lord of Divine Vengeance,
god of the just,
Knight of Victory,
O Palladin of the Populace.
Hail Horus of the Horizon,
Horus of the Two Lands;
Hail unto you!


Gift of Ra, proof of his immortal soul,
guide to the gods of the Tuat.
Mighty Bennu, the soulfire, the everlasting.

Lord of Jubilees, ascending one,
look after the Lawgiver’s soul,
guide him home, for when we succeed,
show him his body once more.

And so, within his arms interred,
heart’s ash embers whispered, stirred.
Thoughts grew silent, heart sought words
to conflagrate love’s Bennu bird.


Hail to you, Apis, Sprung from earth,
Come to nourish Palladium!
Of secret ways,
A darkness by day,
To whom his followers sing!
Who floods the fields that Ra has made,
To nourish all who thirst;
Lets drink the waterless desert,
His dew descending from the sky.
When you overflow, O Apis,
Sacrifice is made for you;
Oxen are slaughtered for you,
A great oblation is made to you.
Fowl is fattened for you,
Desert game snared for you,
As one repays your bounty.

One offers to all the gods
Of that which Apis has provided,
Choice incense, oxen, goats,
And birds in holocaust.

Mighty is Apis in her cavern
Her name unknown to those below,
For the gods do not reveal it.
You people who extol the gods,
Respect the awe Ra’s daughter has made,
The All-Lord who sustains the shores!
Oh joy when you come!
Oh joy when you come, O Apis,
Oh joy when you come!
You who feed men and herds
With your meadow gifts!
Oh joy when you come!
Oh joy when you come, O Apis,
Oh joy when you come.


Hail Osiris, lawgiver,
the good god, the justified,
Divine King of the heavens,
Lord of Maat, Lord of Rejuvenation,
Master of Rebirth, the Immortal One,
King of the Dead.
Praises will fill the temples in your honor,
O Great One, Son of Ra.
O Osiris, who was almost destroyed by Seth
and shall be reunited by your loving wife,
justified and eternal.

He then takes the pot and cup and cleans them heading back to the group.

>>> Spoken in the Ancient Dwarven by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,

At dawn on the 25th of Ra the year 111. <<<

(RA Prayer – edited, Translation of the Hieroglyph prayer on the wall of the Egyptian tomb of
Shepenmut. Prayers such as this were often carved on the walls of tombs and/or written
on papyrus to help bring good fortune and blessings in the journey of the soul in the Afterlife. )
(Isis Hymn – edited, from the Temple of Heru at Edfu )
(Thoth Prayer, Bennu prayer – written by me)
(Bast Prayer – edited by me, source unconfirmed)
(Horus Prayer, Osiris – edited by me from House of Anubis)
(Apis Hymn – Edited from the ancient text Book of the Flood, attributed to Hapi, which the Apis Bull is often called amazing because this hymn attributes Apis/Hapy to a Minotaur!)

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