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Honorable Ondemeira,

I will attempt to keep things happy though my pessimistic attitude will want to come out. It is hard to leave a bride and do the duties of a sailor for my mates and I. Knowing that one of us was going to disappear without a clear reason why or for how long was getting to me.

When we got back to Rogtilda after being gone for so long we could only comfort the fellow with trinkets and stones. We spent the day talking about who was next and the dread that was going to befall us. I still wondered at the time what game they were playing and why we were kept in the dark about the rules. It was during this powwow that I was given the Foot of Osiris and we also found out from our psychic that Rogtilda was next.

The following morning we spent some time in construction to perhaps keep our mind busy from what was coming next. Indaris build some statues of the gods of light and even though we had discussed who we were going to carve, it was against my vote that we should carve more than the gods of light. It’s funny how our little chapel on the ship was coming along and somehow I was able to find some peace in it.

After a full day of construction and distraction Asher discussed some ideas of using the Astral Plane to our advantage so that we could get some idea of what was going on. It was later turned down because we would place the dear man in too much danger and perhaps lose another member of CrIsis.

The holiday of Osiris was spent mostly in prayer and supplication for our dear friend Roggan. We were still not sure how they were going to get him or what they were actually going to do. We spent some of the day leaving the ship and watching it from a distance. The fame was distracting. It’s so hard to keep a happy face in such gloom. I am certain that it would be different if the adventure was over and the prize won but this is not that day. I spent the last few moments with Mary at the time. We had such fun and for a moment I honestly had a pleasant moment.

Several days later Rogtilda was nabbed like we knew. He is so innocent for such an experienced Earth Warlock. Sometimes it’s hard to think of him as a mature adult that can handle himself. On that day I toke some time to fulfill my obligation to Bennu and look for the members of Redbeard and went to go get a drink. I am not used to bartering and talking slick so as to get jerks to talk. I’d rather bounce some guys head like a ball on the bar until they told me what I wanted to hear… like a bar fight I… Sorry got distracted. I went the bar to look for some members of my old crew and would luck have it I found a keeper that knew of an old pirate named Plint, a dwarf with one patch over his left eye. However getting the data out of that keep cost me a pretty coin and getting Plint to cooperate was even harder. It comes as a no wonder that the northern barbarians call him Little Hot Pepper (a.k.a. He Who Burns Coming Out) in Dwarven. I thought that the gods would have me be a peaceful person and attempted to bribe him and it turned out that he only responded to the old Overkill and after beating the snot from him he with his money in tow told me where to find other members and agreed to go to Sinza. Good thing too because I was going to kill him; cost me too much (Now that I think of it, should have, it would of saved me time and money). I hope that the other members are not as expensive.

The following morning we launched sail and it was so hard without Roggan. He really is an asset him and his auto navigation and magic engine. We got some good miles under our sails and were on our way. We didn’t get far before we were already on an intercept course with some other ship. It hadn’t even been a whole day till some ship decides that we were vulnerable and heads right for us. I am so glad that we have magic and fantastic talent. If it wasn’t for the magic of our Air Warlock I am certain that we would have been captured or worse. However in the scuffle our mast cracked severely in a vertical fasion and upon inspection I was sure that it was going to hold though Tyvernos had other opinions. It’s funny because for the entire trip every time we talked about that mast the two of us would say nothing; only give each other a look. His would always be one of concern and mine would be that ‘don’t worry’ look.

We had some rough waters and I was certain that we would have not made it if it wasn’t for our courage of our valiant crew and quick thinking. Several times on our trip we all took a spill in the water. Thankfully the gods have prepared us.

It was on the 7th of Corg that we noticed strange happenings on the ship. Tyvernos asked to have his head examined and more than once I saw rats. I am certain that JaDeir thought it was a joke and recommended suppositories for our jumpiness. How wrong he would turn out to be. Two days later Roggan returned and he was in the same pain that we all were under the Agents power. However the effects of Roggans torture was beyond skin deep and the ship was dying; rotting from the inside out. That day we dropped anchor and blessed and removed any possible curses, unaware that we were still being watched by an unseen force.

The following early morning (10th of Corg) Xerx’ses was taken and again we wondered what was going on and why they had power over us. I want to say that it was exciting with the islands and reefs that we passed or that the monsters of the blue were a true adventure but alas I cant. We spent most of time keeping watch and building the temple in the now cold ship. (It was odd how the warmth of Roggans spirit was missed). When we finally finished the temple news had arrived from Azariel that he had finished his training as a diabolist; a fine asset indeed and good news to boot.

As I said myself and one other (Ja’Deir) objected to not include all the gods that have helped us all but when the temple was finished, we had some great figures made of oak to represent our gods. We would had celebrated except that we were attacked. As you recall I had the foot of Osiris and I wanted to run a theory about the power of the item and placed it on the mast of the ship to see if it would help us in our travel. Well it did. We were able to get some speed and great distance but I was careless and had not taken it off the mast when a thief attempted to steal it and a fight ensued. We are blessed that I had two swords and can throw them. I launched one sword and disarmed him from his new possession but that was not enough. It was the combined effort of the whole team (and the dog) we were able to keep a Dark Character from steeling the foot. It turned out that he was a returned visitor. We had disarmed him previously of the Glaive of the Old Ones and here we were again disarming him of what he craved the most, revenge. We must be more cautious.

We then proceeded to bless the ship over and over to insure that there was no more evil aboard the ship. In the morning one more member would disappear; Xerx’ses then Ja’Dier some six days later. You for such a different guy then me I have found a lot in common with him. They both were replaced by Azariel. However how he found us is beyond me but It was nice to see such a familiar face. I was concerned though that otter face as well as the minotaur was gone. Where they taken by the Agent? It was during our Morning Prayer circle that the wizard appeared. Of course in a sacrilegious exchange he wanted to know what was going on while we were thus praying. Azariel you crack me up some times.

When Xerx’ses returned Ja’Dier was not with him but Xerx’ses Father was. I don’t know what happened perhaps Azariel was attempting to lighten our spirits because he began to play fairy tricks, changing our skin colors and setting of little explosions while I was steering the ship. My mind was sharp and stayed in control. Did I mention that we had Nath Everall? He showed up with Tyvernos when he was abducted and when he joined us I really wish that Cava was here to enjoy his company. I am certain that we would have seen two brothers in arms tell stories till the wee night.

As much as Azariel attempted to bring up spirits, when Azariel disappeared again we were vulnerable and I could not help but feel sick like I didn’t have control. All the assurance of the gods and family could not shake the feeling. I love the gods and my wife and family but the dark have something over me that scares me every night. I pray intently at night to keep my soul calm (that and a quick shot of something from downstairs helps).

The following morning was the Festival of Peace, a holiday that Gavin invented. A sort of ani-slavery holiday; I don’t cater to it much but to remember him I reluctantly give him at least a moment of silence to show some respect to what he attempting to do. He might of forgot but that it was because of slavery that I found happiness. Slaves have their purpose and not all slave owners are cruel.

When we finally got to Phi our mast busted and fell in the drink. Tyvernos gave me a look that could have frozen a gorgon. I could only give him a look that said ‘we made it, didn’t we?’. Perhaps I should take more stock into what he was saying about the ship. He is after all a gnome and a fellow sub-kingdom dweller like myself. Thankfully Asher got the mast up and Roggan was able to get it sealed in place.

Phi is not far from Lopan and when Azariel showed up he appeared with the Bishop Tutu. Both were covered in their own fluids and I thought they were dead for a moment. Thanks to the team they were healed and were able to tell us more about the agreement.

I wanted a private moment with the Bishop because of what I had written to Rose, alas it was not to be, we sailed into the harbor and with trumpets piping and drums beating we were greeted to where we would be till the games.

I am sorry that I bore you with the details; there is not a lot to tell. There was lots of colors and streamers and the Pontiff greeted us personally at the steps of the city. I wish that I could say more about the festivities however I can say one thing; it seems that the rules of the game have changed and that is why we were all taken, why the family and bishops were returned. With the new rules I am certain that it has got more dangerous for us.

Written by Overkill on the 8th of Selestra the 1st year of King Wilgan.

Picture from Creepy Pasta.

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