Nipshanks Update #1

Letting Boss Azariel Know What is Up

Dear Boss Elf,

I had to leave Shandala. I love Osiris, and the rest of the Church of Light, don’t get me wrong, but sheesh, they do go on and on and on about them! One monk in particular, an Eandroth of all things, a dude named S’Erith, kept going on and on about how I, as one of the monster races, can be a shining example of Osiris… I hope that it is not the same S’Erith, formerly of CrIsis, for if the rest of them are anything like him you may want to die to save yourself the pain!

I found out from a not annoying priest, and from a visitor to the Guild of the White Ash that there are many things happening elsewhere in the Western Empire. I am off to the Vequerrel Woodlands again, this time incognito. It seems that there is literally a civil war going on there between the woodland folk and the Lords of the Region. I am heading there to support my fellow “monsters” in this terrible war- I hope to find someone to help me be disguised, as I do not wish to be convicted of treason! Why is it that some, like our guild, accept others, and some look as all non-humans as monsters?

I will first stop in West Kighfalton, in Caer Itom and then Springgate. That non-annoying priest I mentioned earlier- he is accompanying me to these two destinations, along with a small retinue of acolyte priests and a couple of warrior priests. It turns out that the Bishop of the Western Empire, Father Lamriel, has gone missing! I am part of the guard group for the mission- it pays well. Speaking of, if you come into one of CrIsis’ famous windfalls do not forget your good friend! Send me a pigeon and I will go to Karowyn’s to pick it up! We are still a team, right?

I go to accompany them next to Springgate to check out the new Pyramid of Osiris that is being built there! The Shandalan priest is to become the High Priest of the Pyramid! So maybe that will be where we can meet in the future, for I already miss your ugly mug, and getting your butt out of trouble!

After that I shall go to the Vequerrel Woodlands. I shall try and report at each place- the future High Priest has made me 10 scrolls of magic pigeon to contact you, and this note will leave me with 9.

Take care of yourself- you still owe me a rematch of that card game!

>>Pigeon sent Ra 14th, in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Nipshanks, former Janissary of the army of the Western Empire, Acolyte of Osiris. <<
Nipshanks picture from World of Warcraft.

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