Nothing, Tra La La

“If I thought for one second you were betraying me…”

In a dim section of The Labyrinth the Dwarf who called himself Hoggle finally stopped running away from CrIsis and their terrifying Minotaur. He took a moment to rest and admire the ‘gifts’ he had managed to swindle from them.

“Ah. What have we here?” A familiar voice demanded. Hoggle started and tried in vain to hide his ill-gotten gains.

“Ah, nothing,” Hoggle said quickly.

“Nothing? Nothing? Nothing, Tra la la?” The speaker revealed himself to be Jar’Eth as he walked around to stand in front of Hoggle with a flourish.

“Your majesty! What a nice surprise!” Hoggle announced with a start.

“Hello, Hedgewart.”

“Hoggle,” The Dwarf meekly corrected.

“Hogwart, are you running from Crisis?” Jar’Eth bluntly asked.

“R-r-running? In what sense?” The Dwarf stammered out.

“In the sense of you’re here, not leading them away from the castle.”

“I told ’em I would help ’em. But they didn’t fall for my trickery. Then the horned one attacked me! He actually-”

“What is that crystal thing ’round your head?” Jar’Eth casually interrupted.

“Oh. Oh, this? Oh, my goodness. Where did this come from?” Hoggle tried in vain to pretend he just now noticed the crystal crown upon his head. He moved to take it off.

Jar’Eth was not amused. “No, no, no. Keep it on Hogbrain. I think it suits you. After all, a Prince should have a crown.”

“A-a Prince?” Hoggle asked hopefully.

“Prince of the Land of Stench!” Jar’Eth said with malicious glee. “Ha ha ha!” With a flourish of his arm a section of the Labyrinth floor gave way beneath Hoggle and the surprised Dwarf began to fall.

“No, your majesty! Not the Eternal Stench!” Hoggle pleaded with his angry king as he fell down the sloped passage. “That’s not faaaaaaair!”

“Oh Hoghead,” Jar’Eth calmly said to the ground as the passage sealed back up. “What was your basis for comparason?”

He looked off in the direction of CrIsis. “I suppose another will need to lead them astray. I wonder how they are enjoying my Labyrinth? It may be time we upped the stakes. They will learn The Labyrinth is no piece of cake.”

Abagail stopped her quiet yet frenzied writing – that was all her vision had shown her. She looked over to make sure she hadn’t woken up Luther. He still appeared to be sleeping soundly. “Good,” she thought. “He needed it.” She re-read the short exchange she had just wrote. It had been a little while since she last wrote down any of the otherworldly events she saw. There just hadn’t been any time lately. But this one felt different. She knew she needed to write this one as soon as possible. She only wished she knew why.

Reader’s Note: This short vision was seen by a surprised Rod Rambler on an unspecified date sometime after the 25th of Pegasus.

Image credits:
Jim Henson


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