I’ve become so tired, so much more aware

Entry #286

…then Willy lost control of the hurricane. He yelled for us to run away as it grew larger, stronger. Wilder. Then it hit the nexus Grignak summoned. The Hurricane magic seemed to merge with the Nexus magic. This caused the portal to begin expanding and sucking everything around into it with a violent wind. It was as if the Nexus became a vortex.

One by one the Demon Locusts were each pulled screaming into the Nexus. Several of us were almost sucked in also! But at the last minute were were knocked out of the way by the two remaining Demon Locusts as they were drawn in against their will. This gave us the opportunity to escape the canyon. From the safety of the side we could see the Nexus stabilize in size but continue to draw in all the loose rock and debris in the area. A hidden Demon Locust we didn’t see previously also fell victim to the raging storm.

We knew that this had to have been seen for miles. Before we could leave Jidian felt himself being called back to Palladium. We bid a fond farewell with thanks for his help. Without his help we might have all fallen to the Demon Locusts. With Jidian gone Hades got a lot more gloomy. EvenMerkl‘s jovial nature couldn’t make up for the loss.

Flying higher to avoid problems and maybe even the mountains was no good. We started to ascend even higher but found the air too turbulent to fly safely. Our hopes to follow the river through the mountains were dashed further when I received a clairvoyant vision of the river flowing under the mountains. There was little we could do but press on.

If I’m keeping track of the days right then today was the 27th of Selestra. I witnessed no mortal suffering today.

Entry #288

…Willy ran out of food a couple weeks ago. Grignak’s recollection was that eating food from Hades would trap us here. I offered my food and potions of sustenance to others who need it and began eating the food as well. I wouldn’t want to see Willy stay trapped here alone. This journey is taking much longer than we planned. There’s no sense of us all being so trapped. So far the others have declined any of my food. Willy and I have discussed what we would do if we are indeed stuck here. We have a plan.

We reached the base of the mountains noted on Sulyott‘s map as “The Infernal Crown.” I’ve been using my psychic power as we traveled to keep us from standing out so much. It’s hard to say if it helped – we’ve had more battles than I can count as we followed the river.

The Infernal Crown up close no longer looked like mountains. It was clear now that it was a maze of stone towers. The towers rise up over 30,000 feet high according to Grignak. As I tried to look up at their massive height I could see shadows moving within them. While I contemplated this new challenge Grignak pulled out the severed dick of Bes. I didn’t know he even still had that! I don’t even know why he still had it!

Once it was in his hands it began tugging him towards a gap in the pillars. I was not surprised that the irony of a dick pulling on Grignak was mentioned. We all laughed but it only gets more difficult every day for me to mean it. In this realm of pure evil there is very joy amongst all the suffering we keep encountering and having to ignore.

If I’m keeping track of the days right then today was the 18th of Ra. I witnessed no mortal suffering today. It gets rarer and rarer to write that statement.

Entry #289

…only three days to make it through The Infernal Crown thanks to Bes’ member. Somehow it worked for us as a divining rod of sorts. We were able to avoid any problems during that passage. I said a prayer of thanks to Bes. Torrun said a prayer of thanks to The Dickripper. We took this chance to get our bearings and figure out how we would proceed. While thinking about what he knew of Hades Ursus suddenly remembered that eating the food or drinking the water of Hades would not trap someone here for eternity. I won’t lie – that was a bit of a weight off my mind!

Torrun pointed out that everything he had ever heard of Hades told him we should stay away well away from the city of Shek-Ra whcih was in this region. Grignak recalled a religious tale about this area which gave him an idea. He asked us all to join him in a ceremonial prayer to Bes. This was his prayer:

    “Bes, God of Minstrels. Bes, God of Laughter, We come before you with that which you lost that we might be guided once again through these pillars of woe, this Infernal Crown.
    We sing for you, Bes. Hear the words of our voices. Hear the joy in our hearts.
    We dance for you, Bes. See the motions of our bodies as we joyfully leap in your honor.
    We throw for you, Bes. Watch as our clubs fly from one to the other. We do this in memory of the member that you lost to regain the light.

    Amon Ra”

Once the prayer was completed Bes’ member straightened with purpose. Grignak was surprised that it was pulling him straight through this realm of the King of the Dead. It was directing us straight towards Glacier Peak and Glacier Falls. Merkl anointed Bes’ member with some sort of creme. We began the next leg of our long journey.

If I’m keeping track of the days right then today was the 21st of Ra. I witnessed no mortal suffering today.

Entry #344

…decided I will not participate in the Festival of Anhur with the others. Merkl also decided to sit it out with me. After all the suffering caused by the Church of the Dark I will not venerate them. Torrun insists that the Church is of the Light AND Dark so we should celebrate all the Gods in a show of unity. Both Merkl and I refused. I watched them in confusion. How could they forget the atrocities of the Dark so easily?

Today must have been the 1st of Pegasus. There will be other Dark holidays as we continue this journey. I will celebrate them as I celebrated this one.

Entry #357

We have reached the base of Glacier Peak. It is a steaming volcano which rises over 50,000 feet into the sky. A road lined with caravans twisted its way around the entire thing. At the end of the road was a giant steel gate guarded by multiple Demons. We contemplated how we would make it up and past that door when we realized that Bes’ member was not pointing to this peak. It was pointing beyond it to Glacier Falls. We began the long walk around to Glacier Falls.

I think today was the 22nd of Pegasus.

Entry #358

We’ve reached the base of Glacier Falls. The dick of Bes is clearly pointing up. This is also a steaming volcano. Neither location offered a break from the oppressive heat. Are the names of these peaks a sick joke by the Demons? I almost want to laugh at the absurdity of it.

A road wound up this peak too. It wasn’t as tall as the other and only reached about 30,000 feet high. Willy told us he could hear what sounded like water coming from the mountain. I tried to feel for it but if it must be too far away for my senses. The road here was much less traveled. We began the climb.

We stopped at a location where the member is clearly pointing to a solid wall. It took all day to get here. There is no secret entrance here. We realized it was pointing to something inside the mountain. We have little choice but to climb to the doors at the top and go inside. But Torrun has a plan.

I think today was the 25th of Pegasus.

Entry #359

What I saw today defies everything I’ve seen of this hellish dimension so far. We reached the top of Glacier Falls. There Torrun both bribed and convinced the Shedim Demon guards to let us through. So far our story that we are a secret squad on a special mission for Modius himself has held up. When they see us the Demons have no other explanation for why such a strange collection of “Demons” are traveling together so they readily accept our bluff.

We entered the gate and stepped into a mortal city within this hollow mountain! We could see a giant waterfall of clear, fresh water thousands of feet below us. Bes’ member clearly pointed towards it. More surprisingly was the millions of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves living seemingly ordinary lives of pleasure here in the middle of Hades. Demons stood guard to prevent any mortals from leaving but none of the mortals seemed like that bothered them at all. They just… go about their day happy and blissful.

We passed through multiple checkpoints that kept the city separated. At the last one we went through we were required us to drop our “Demon Forms”. We did this with to the surprise of the Demon guards. “They really are blessed by Modius!” That was what they exclaimed. Here we could see our goal finally. Before heading to the waterfall we found an inn where we could stay and let our disguise rings recharge. Grignak joined the mortals in a night of debauchery which he dedicated to Bast as appropriate.

Today may have been the 27th of Pegasus? I’m not even sure I even know anymore…

Entry #360

We spent a day walking through that strange city towards the waterfall. I received another clairvoyant vision once we got close. It was of us diving into the water and swimming towards a light. Once we reached the light we were in our Demon forms and traveling through it. The dick of Bes seemed to agree – it was all but pulling Grignak off the edge and into the water. We discussed it briefly. With rope we tethered ourselves to each other. Then we jumped in together.

There were cries from above as we fell into the water. We were pulled away quickly by the now spinning member of Bes. We travelled this way in the water for days. Finally we approached the light I had seen in my vision. We activated our Demon forms and entered the light.

We arrived in what appeared to be a lava tube. It was oppressively hot once again. Grignak said a prayer to the now limp dick of Bes. “Bes, we lay you member to rest once more and thank you for the guidance you have given us. Amen Ra.” We then followed the lava tube.

It eventually opened up to a river of lava. We followed it into an area of deliberate architecture. Torrun could tell it was beyond ancient and pre-dated both Elves and Dwarves. As we explored this area we found and killed a couple Maggot Demons. One of the bodies was thrown into a pool of lava as an experiment. We watched the Lava shoot up into the area above what seemed like thousands of feet. We discused possibly riding it up but could hear the cries of Banshees, which signify death. We decided to try another way.

We found three doors and chose one to try and enter. With Ursus with us the door didn’t stand a chance! There was a 40 foot river of lava on the other side of the door. I used my powers to allow us to cross safely. On the other side we found a small opening that only Willy and I could fit into. Grignak shrunk down as well and the three of us entered.

I think I can feel it – we’re close to our goal. This is it. I am sure that today is the 8th of Set. Once the rest of CrIsis reunites with us we will continue together, towards Modius. Towards a complete Osiris!

Note: These short excerpts are from Silent Dream’s journal. It was written in Elven between the 27th of Selestra and the 8th of Set, in the seventy-third year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the second year of the Kingdom of Koris Gwaisol.

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  • Nice detailed log with an air of foreboding throughout. Well done!

  • Also, nice Linkin Park reference…

  • You have captured the spark of the mood, lent it voice and made it weighty with thine words. Amon Ra!

  • I want some strawberry wobbler now (and I have the recipe if anyone wants it, I can recommend a pratchett meal night)

    Well done, good log for the lead up to vegas

  • It is amazing the transformation of Our moral compass to a spinning dial of melancholy

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