Ocean Voyage to Haven


Translated loosely from multiple magic pigeons. Not my words at all….Rod Rambler, Chronicler
No pictures, as all is not clear to me….

So, 2 more “Blessed” souls join the group. Malkin gave Chip plenty of attitude, but softened after Chip gave him a “thanks for everything” toast…

A pygmy scholar named Chu who follows Horus & a human ranger named Cava Twistrain, who follows Isis… well at least we are well rounded now.

The pygmy & the ranger both add to the confusion of which part to go for as they reveal new info- the piece that the priests had has been stolen, and the right hand is somewhere in the jungles of Yin Sloth.

Group votes to go south now, as there seems to be 3 parts south and only 1 north. The priest Greldarr finally speaks, and does not shut up for the next few days. He says that the first 3 pieces need to be delivered to Haven, Glade, and Shandala. We all agree on getting one piece, and that’s the tongue, which has been stolen by thieves between First Pyramid of Osiris & Haven, near someplace that is called Fort Ac…. Who comes up with these names anyways?

We realize we do not have enough food & water for the journey, so we go back to Zy, much to Bexx‘ dismay. We easily defeat the ghosts, and our new members, the ranger & pygmy, find much bounty, both fruit & meat. Chip makes many runs back & forth to the ship, and we set forth, stocked. Even Overkill seems pleased.

The group votes to sell the “valuable” bones and parts of our prey to an alchemist in Haven… and it turns out the bounty is plentiful…Both Chip & Greldarr acquire bracelets of magic power in exchange. We also acquire enough food & water for a 45 day journey, sealed in proper barrels. We then find ourselves approaching the holy city, and after a close call, we prepare to ascend the steps to the Heart of Osiris itself, escorted by a holy Bishop!!! This went truly better than we could have ever hoped….

Reported by Rod Rambler, Chronicler
March 18th, PA 109

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