On Wings of Fire and Frost…It’s a Date!

Mademoiselle Fenix,

I hope this missive finds you doing well. The Harlot’s Hen is a fond, fading memory that prompts each breath of my chest and beat of my heart to count interminably the instants before I may return to the comfort of your “hen.” It has only been a short moon since your hospitality warmed the wee cockles of my heart and the grand cockles of my loins. I find myself bound by the rigors of duty in a business of mercantile brutality. Economic savvy falls on wayward shoulders as leeward soldiers on a battlefield of golden blood. Time, a currency of Silver sands slips through the sieve like a celestial coin-purse. Ahhh…the rigors of a trader’s diplomacy!

How’s business? I was very impressed with the way you comported yourself and with the aplomb you showed while running the Hen. You are a very talented and capable young woman; one in who’s company I would spend a great deal more time. How long have you managed the Hen and the harlots held within? Your intimate knowledge of customers the business is matched only by your delicacy in dealing with the private matters of the boudoir. You manage the hen coop with a featherlight touch and convivial cordiality. Have you ever thought about going into business for yourself? Or perhaps taking on a silent-partner so you could take sole proprietorship of your own hotel? Your leadership, business savvy, and financial acumen are formidable and your boss is lucky to have you running his establishment.

My travels take me far afield. I am in New Crests at the moment on business with the Gold Coast Trading Company and Karowyn’s Merchant House. Bankers! Can’t live with ’em and can’t live without ’em! I have a stop to make in Wisdom next. It would seem Palladium is giant-sized crater for Gnomish-exploration. The Megaverse, however, is grander still. Almost too big for one Gnome to explore on his own. As an exotic, worldly woman you must have traveled far afield to collect such an…eclectic lexicon of vocabulary. I am interested in hearing about your travels.

I have a proposition I would discuss with you in-person. I think you would find it mutually beneficial…if not pleasurable. Matters keep me away until after the Trials and the Games but I will come for you at the soonest opportunity. Puppy Chow and Peggy “Sue” are eager to see you again and treat you to our own brand of Gnomish hospitality now that we have thoroughly enjoyed yours.


Sir Occo Haboob, Mistral of the Gregale Bora Simoom

Written by Tyvernos on…an unknown date, in the 69th year of the Wolfen Empire.

Picture by Desigz
Picture by JKlind

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