“One, if by Land, and Two, if by Sea”

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin.

Noble Brother & scholar,

The Good news.

Alas, I could not believe it but Master Overkill, a TITAN, and myself had issues and failed to make the mark in weightlifting. I did win Javelin throwing, and I must admit it was very fun indeed! I can see why Cyclops made lightning javelins to rain destruction on their enemies. Brother Indaris was in the stands cheering and soon I heard others cheering it was illuminating to be accepted even by some if not all.

Indaris cheers:
He is the Badest,
He is the Meanest,
He’s the toughest around
Overkill, Overkill (clap clap clap)
Mark it down!

1 – 2 – 3 – 4
how do you think we got that score?
We fight yeah yeah yeah
We fight yeah yeah yeah
Let’s go Xerx’ses!

Were gonna B-E-A-T
Were gonna B-U-S-T
Were going to beat them, bust them, thats our custom,
Come on CrIsis lets attitude re-adjust them!

Master Ja’Deir cheers:
We got spirit, yeah yeah,
we got spirit, yeah yeah,
we got What? What? What? What?
a What what what what what what what?????

My back is achin’,
my belt’s too tight,
My hips are shakin’ from Left to Right,
Say OOH! Ungawa!! Xerx’ses’ Got the Powah.
Say OOH! Ungawa!! Overkill’s got the Powah!

Now the bad news.

Oh on a personal note I shall explain later in this missive your wish has been granted by the gods of darkness.

~ Mikala has been taken by the Gods of Darkness, Anubis to be exact, and his brother Elanu is wrought with guilt. Likely, their business will suffer and workers be affected, but I am sure your Defiler butt cheek and arrow wound must feel vindicated in its anger. You may not fight and be a pacifist and I can respect that but let me send you this magic stone I have so you can build yourself a bridge and get over this. ~

Now you can be angry at me and claim a 1,000 year grudge is warranted but all I see is anger and hate over pride which is what plunged Elves and Dwarves into the Great War in the first place! Your dispute is not relevant and your comrade a fellow Defiler needs your help. Either that time means something to you or that ancient fellowship was a lie

Your choice Master Elf.

Now the details:

The followers of Anubis…

The worshipers it was discovered had a neck worn amulet that looks like one that affected me in the wastelands and teleports you to an oubliette where it drains your life. Kind of like a final trap for their killers, clever. They also have holy symbols that inflict damage even when hit with Oathbringer! Yes Brother Indaris was given Perfone’s mace of holy doom!

… made the mistake of trying to enchant my bath water when we returned to the manor from the day at the games. Once I detected the spell I vaulted from the tub and began casting spells to enhance my vision and within a few minutes had found traps in the walls of my room. I was soon to find out they had done the same to Brother Indaris and Master Overkill’s room. Brother Indaris had blessed his weapon (called the Three Sisters because of sculpted heads of Isis as the flail heads but I digress) to sense supernatural evil and it had turned black around the tubs.

To make a long story shorter

During our time at the games agents of Anubis, the cursed toy thing of Set, broke into the manor of the Groff’s and from tunnels below designed to throw false suspicions on Dwarves seeking revenge on Elves for being elves. Did make entry into empty rooms and began using stealth and magic to steal certain possessions belonging to us:

* The Scroll of Osiris
* Oathbringer
* I am sure I am missing something but I am not Master Azariel nor have his keen acumen.

During our search we were joined by the Master Tyvernos and Master Ja’Deir. I changed into my human shape with the amulet, Brother Indaris had reminded me what the Great Lady had said to me.

Master Tyvernos explained he and Master Ja’Deir had found a house with Rakshasha demon present. I hope the type of demon is know to you good scholar for aside from shape changing that my brothers in arms mentioned I know not of this foul spawn of Hades.

Master Overkill was brilliant in tracking our invisible foes I think if we just blind fold him for the duels he will win hands down. Since I had jumped down the stairs with my weight (which the magic does not alter, hmm) I had to scrape the gooey bits of an assailant off my boot.

As this was happening our Gnome master of air was running down the way to alert the house to danger. I don’t know what he said exactly but I think it was close to …

…Anubis is coming! Anubis is coming! The followers of Anubis have invaded the manor, to arms!!

Back in our area I found my strength is not diminished in the form and lifted a bed with a single hand in ease after our group had sense magic below the object. It would appear an ”Eye Tile” was below the bed, however, I check it out and sadly it was not the ear variant I had hoped to prove existed as well. I showed Master Ja’Deir how to use it with a drop of blood and it performed as I said it would. One less item of power for the dark!

Later we were update that Mayor Elanu wanted us out of his home and rather than overstay our welcome we prepared to leave. We chose to have Brother Indaris explain how Overkill’s daughter was delivered here, how these dark agents got into the house and we had suffered as well as Mikala being stolen by the agents of Anubis!

The Priest of Isis’ words struck home and Mayor Elanu sought forgiveness and when queried for something of Mikala’s he presented us with the Rune Arrow Natura, I was able through magic to its name and speak with the soul inside. It was it could feel the good in me but it needed to be in the hands of someone worthy. Mayor Elanu said that means a longbowman and then they went to the temple and he was absolved of his sins and glowed in the light of the gods upon Brother Indaris’s blessings.

That about covers today, the stolen items recovered, now…

… another pigeon will arrive if we need help researching something related to this tragedy. Ignoring the arrow shot in your pride center would you abandon a Defiler to the dark? I would lay my life down for those of the light if you are willing to do the same in the manner you can then you are a warrior of light, thy quill is thy sword, your will is your shield. Now is the time to break loose the dogs of war and bring your brother home. Call the Defilers make the final charge and get him back! Show yourself and him that friendship and honor outweigh pride and regret.

Please be the hero, the inspiration a thousand years of people know you to be!

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the witching hour twixt 28th / 29th of Pegasus the year 111. <<<

Malkin picture by the great Keith Parkinson.
Assassin picture by Nanduu.

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