Pack Leader

Chicken Feces Dwarf!

Greldarr definitely thinks that the group needs more leadership at this point in time, since the one that was supposed to be the leader is laying on the ground more then half the battles. This last time, I mean come on its Anubis, you’re not supposed to be sleeping. Damn chicken feces dwarf! I mean every time I look he’s running off like when me Cava and the dwarf meet a dragon. Me and Cava attack and the Dwarf runs off with his tail between his legs! Hey wait, do dwarves have tails? I keep forgetting the damn pink skins have no tails. I mean how can you balance well without a tail! Anyways this last leg of the trip I realized we need a battle pack leader and right now no ones stepping up to the task. Means only one thing I’m going to have to step up and show the pink skins combat needs a little brains and not just guts! You’d have thought they’d have figured that out by now!

Grrrrrr, I’m so frustrated. They should have done their best to subdue Cava either by trying to talk to and clobber him, or just do what we could. At that point in time we’ve never had a plan or idea in battle we just flowed but that was the first sign something was wrong and unfortunately at that point we had no clue what Anubis was doing. Unfortunately this should have been Greldarr’s first clue something was wrong. But Nooooo, Greldarr just assumed it was a fluke. Boy now Greldarr know better and I have to say this chicken feces sucks lemon root!

It was the boat incident with Greldarr that was the last straw. I’m still going to play the dumb wolfen but when it comes to battle I’m drawing the line in the sand and issuing directives. Cause I ain’t running around like a Vampire in a woman’s harem when they’re all shedding their insides at the same time!

So I’ve issued an edict then reanalyzed it and have reissued it twice to my companions. If they got a problem with it, they can talk to Greldarr then I’ll either bite their head off or pat them on the head for a great job. This is a group effort but a Greldarr edict is so no enemies can out smart us! If Greldarr must beat the cowardly not very naval minded dwarf with his ugly stick Greldarr will. Giving my Pole Arm name Ugly Stick! I mean come on, going right up the middle against six pirate ships- I almost ran over to the dwarf and threw him overboard so the pirates could catch us! Also Chip shooting us five times! Greldarr should have been below decks and avoided that one, but I couldn’t with how many severely wounded were on deck. I had to heal them or they’d die! So this is Greldarr’s edict, either Greldarr steps up and becomes a battle pact leader or we are going to fall on our face again. Greldarr has nailed his orders to everyone’s door now, they had better read it or Greldarr might be eating some humans and dwarves for lunch!

Edict posted by Greldarr on the 8th of Corg in the 67th year of the Wolfen Empire.

Picture by El-Grimlock.

3 Responses to “Pack Leader

  • Funny, he refers to Hoomans as pink skins. I like it, they are all pink and tender.

  • Wish you would have played with him- obnoxious, but fun…

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