Peace, Be Still.

Acalma-te, Aquieta-te

Nipply Nipps!

It is distressing to hear lies being proffered as truth by a leader of the Church! And, I am not surprised to hear, he’s forgetting to talk on the disappearances of the Bishops. I’m glad to hear that political propaganda is still alive and well, though. Nipps, I hope that you don’t believe everything you hear, especially in the Western Empire, where it is more common for a Goblin Janissary to be lynched than respected as a soldier!

I trust CrIsis with my life, my soul, and the fate of Palladium. The Gods will not allow us to run astray. They would first destroy us all than let one member sow dissension and hatred. If you had forgotten, that is something that the Dark is famous for. Xerx’ses has a good soul. Again: racist rulers claiming we are evil because of our monster-race associations are not something to base your opinions on! The rulers that “we disposed” were evil, racist tyrants. What’s more is that we didn’t kill either of them! King Bafag of Bizantium was killed by the gods themselves when he tried to enter the holy inner sanctum of the Pyramid of Osiris. This would be impossible to prove, except gods representing three separate pantheons proclaimed the truth in front of the crowd, in which there were all the races of Bizantium represented.

It’s all nearly-baseless accusations and skewing of facts, my young friend! Peace, be still.

We have finished our business here in the Baalgor Wastes, though we don’t have the fortunes I expected! I have something that is worth much more than gold, however – A Dragon’s Egg! I am keeping it, hoping that it hatches sometime soon! I heard that dragon’s eggs hatch after a few months, and who knows how long it was around before we stumbled upon it!! If nothing else, I will definitely dice for your wages. You know that I am an elf of my word.

We are headed [CENSORED]… you could always send our correspondence through an elf named Malkin Falimede, at the Library of Bletherad. He can forward the message, and is very reliable. When we get to you, I will have to give you some of my Magic Pigeons, so you don’t have to spend money on pigeons.

It will take a bit longer to get to you, so I will adjust your pay accordingly. We will be in the Western Empire in roughly nine months, but probably not before. I hope to keep contact, though! Please, keep me updated on your location! I will try to respond that same day.

I await your lead! I hope this letter finds you – too many of our allies are being kidnapped! Please, send a pigeon the day you receive this. I will reimburse you for each pigeon sent, so no need to cry to me anymore on that, you wily scalawag! I need to know that you are still free.
Power to Osiris, and Glory to Ra.

Pigeon sent Thoth 30th, in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Azariel.

Picture from the World of Warcraft.

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