Prayers Of A Dwarf

Kings of the North

A letter to the kings of the North, sent to Malkin with a request to have it forwarded to Mary and the two beloved Kings of the North.

My dearest Lords, King Minischmee and King Avramson, I need to address a position of citizenship. I was in the wilderness of the Eastern Territories when I received a magic pigeon from my cousin concerning the civil war of Bizantium and after fighting orcs and pushing the last one into the water I have taken the time to write you both in a single letter because of what I am going to write affects you both. Though my love for the Wolfen Empire and especially of Havea are tender and dear My lord king of Havea I must request that I maintain my citizenship of Bizantium to support my cousin and help my fellow dwarves. In turn I request from King Minischmee that I be made, with the King of Havea’s permission, the Liaison of Bizantium to Havea once my current quest is done. This will increase the ties of the two kingdoms and allowing me to visit each kingdom freely and give CrIsis representation to both.

That aside I wish to give you a friendly letter as to what has been happening to the crew of Matilda, sorry, Nicole these last few days. It seems that I made a critical error in judgment when I was visiting Haven. I had been asked to escort some of the members of CrIsis to New Haven to see an alchemist. To make the story short, that lead to the suicide of one member, banishment of another and death of yet a third. Myself, I was reprimanded for my involvement and should have had Cava closer as he is more of a moral compass then my other allies. I am certain that I should have died or been banished but I am happy that chastisement was the only thing that happened.

My happiness was short lived as I received a package from “the citizens of Haven”. It was small and petite. I was so suspicious that Cava and I worked with the rest of the team and concocted a series of spells and enchantments before opening it. The end result was an explosion that should have vaporized Cava (as he chose to be the guinea pig). He spent the night burning under a curse set by Anubis. The dark gods are not messing around. That night I spent in solemn prayer in the temple of Thoth pleading for a cure for my dear brother and friend Cava. The following morning I was told that the pain was gone but the curse wasn’t. I want that curse gone; Cava takes a lot of risk for me. I aim to name my first son after him should I have the chance.

The group has decided to head to Timiro to clear Gavin’s name and that means traveling along the Old Kingdom River. I hope to make arrangements to meet my beloved Mary in Llorn and am making the arrangements to send a pigeon to her in Northolme. Her trip will be shorter then mine and I might just get to meet my little girl; I just have to survive the trip.

Thus far we have had a run in with a entertainment group, perhaps a cirque as they were colorful and traveling by boat and we ran into barbarian orcs. The first encounter was a mistake. We saw their colors and flare; I just wish that we knew what they were doing. When we flagged them, no response; when we attempted to communicate we got no response and so we started to dance around and they mimicked. That turned into a miscommunication and the next thing we knew we shot them with a cloud of dust via magic and only then did we find out our (their ship and ours) mistake of communication. We spent a small while helping them clean out mouths and the mess and went on our way.

The next encounter was not so pleasant. Barbaric orcs thought it was smart to attempt to take our ship and attack it from both sides of the shore. They should have thought of their attack better because in a matter of minutes several of them were either burning from our river of lava or sinking from the quicksand. Two of them got pulled under the boat (possibly drowned) attempting to board the ship and assault us. Our Titan was shot several times from their vial arrows, our bard burned from our own lava but hopefully they both will pull through.

Please return a letter letting me know of your judgment on my citizenship and liaison request. I remain your friend.


Written by Overkill on the 19th of Majestic the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from Profiles in History.

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