Reversal Of Faith

Make Up Your Mind


Note to CrIsis,

I was in the process of writing my own missive to you when this arrived. I have had reports that Bishop Rose and Bishop Tutu delivered eerily similar messages. The Ramen have asked me to remain in Bletherad rather than traveling to see my old friend Rose, as they have lost all contact with Thabu, the Ramen assigned to protect her, and one they hold in high regard.

Anyways, as I tend to ramble, I felt this summed up all that is occurring. I have been in contact with Nipshanks per Azariel’s request, and am forwarding this to Overkill and CrIsis as it is much more succinct than I would have ever written.

I estimate 3 more weeks of research to solve the dilemma of Azariel’s egg, and that should be about the time to release the next book of CrIsis as well. If there are objections, let me know- otherwise that is what I will do. Be well- I hope that the Gods send you a worthwhile temporary replacement for the good Azariel…

Your friend always,

Dear Your Worship,

Might as well get used to it- I am sure that is what people call those on an acknowledged holy quest!

Speaking of worship, that is why I am writing you- the Bishops have returned to the public eye! I had decided to go back to Caer Itom and try and blend into the masses, to continue to see how things developed. I am currently a servant for a member of the court, to try and glean whatever information I can. “His Lordship” attended the blessing of the crops, done by Father Lamriel himself! He briefly spoke of his absence, claiming that the Bishops had all been summoned by the pontiff, U’Selekma, to discuss direction of the Church.

Father Lamriel’s blessings called upon Apis, as usual, and asked that Anubis have mercy on the dead- in other words, nothing unusual. It still smells funny to me, so I will stay, pretending to be a servant (and what jerks they are to goblins here- even worse than you!)

Trust no one, my friend!

Pigeon sent Kym-nark-mar 23rd, in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Nipshanks.

Bishop Tutu by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at

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