Rise of Signs

Race for Osiris


Times are changing and I fear that our enemy is getting closer. After the meeting in the temple we exited. It would have seemed an almost invisible event except that the ground rose creating new steps to the temple. Everyone was excited and people came running, elves, Wolfen, dwarves etc. They came out of their homes and shops shouting praises and wanting to know why this miracle happened. They attributed the events to us coming out and naturally were drawn to us. At first I was a bit tense, being relatively shorter, but then we (my gnome companion and I) were encouraged to climb on the centaur’s back (with assistance).

Dozens of people swarmed us each with their own question; about our attire, land of origin, purpose for being at the temple, etc. We each answered the questions calling out the answers as loud as we could and I mentioned we were CrIsis on a mission to assemble the god Osiris. I admit it was just being caught in the rush of answering questions, I didn’t expect that there would be a hush. Perhaps it was from the approaching knave that had a message from the king or it was from the mention of our famed name.

I am not sure. He gave the kings invitation for dinner and then left. I would of thought nothing of the invitation but it was when we were following the knave that we were approached by a Demon. He looked like, forgive me Priest, but a Wolfen, but shorter and uglier, much uglier. He hiss and snarled his threat and before I could draw Striker he was gone. At that point we made haste to be at the kings abode.

After freshening up and changing clothes we met with the king. At dinner I was presented with a sword. I found it a bit odd to have a gift from such a gracious king. Our resident psychic and mage did their best to decipher what it was and where it was from but got really ghost images of a long past and no real idea of where it was from only it was good. Dinner was good, fresh fish as I recall. We thanked him for the dinner and gift and the following morning were on our way to Tolosonya. I never took the Dwarven sword or the new gift to a mage or alchemist to find out what it was truly. Perhaps I should reserve it for a chance to be discovered later. That of course didn’t keep me from using the weapon.

In this somewhat smaller town (but just as busy) we had settled down for the night when we were visited by more demons. They got the jump on me as they cut deep into my shoulder. I grabbed the new sword and striker and hit back with all my strength. Once I got him he hit an amulet and disappeared. From the other rooms I could hear the screams of war some were in pain and others are attacking. I stumbled out into the hall holding my shoulder and keeping the new sword in hand (just in case). Nothing. The halls were empty slowly filling with my companions. I am glad that Mary wasn’t here. The mage healed some of it while we talked about it. Turns out that it was the same kind of demon that we had discussed previously, a demon called an Alu (nasty little furballs; well tall for me). These cretins serve the demon lord Charun. Why he and Anubis are working together to get us is beyond me. The new sword is handy though. Need to really look into that.

My night would of been ok except that we had killed two of the demons that attacked (there was a total of six). Their amulets were still available to us and we were too tired to take precaution and one of us (Gavin) touched it attempting to decipher it and ‘poof’ they were gone. We weighed on the matter. For the first time the team was divided. It was late and tempters were on edge and for an hour we debated when suddenly Chip dived for the charm and he disappeared.

Now two were gone. I honestly thought that our mission over. I heard the story of what went on on the other side but it doesn’t compare to what probably happened. Chip had done what he promised and returned our strange child in a matter of minutes. Should of listened to him when he first started talking an hour ago. It was just the anxiety and fear of death that shook us to the core and the fear of failing Isis (and perhaps the other Gods of Light). I really just didn’t want to let the Gods or the team down.

Silly me the Gods are with us.


Posted by Overkill on the 8th of Thoth, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Picture courtesy of Pimp my Space.

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  • So…I wonder if the same method could be used by CrIsis now to go and take the piece that is there?

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