Rise Of The Brotherhood

It felt nice to be back in Avramstown. It feels like a home away from home. After the incident with Tyvernos, I traveled with one of our newest members, Drauka to the Pyramid of Osiris. We walked the steps saying the 100 names of Isis and made it to the top. We bathed in the pool and I changed into my sexy time Isis robe. We made it to the top to appear in the desert before the true pyramid. As we made our approach a familiar ramen talked with us for a while. After talking, I sat down and meditated for a while on life, the universe and everything. After a while I heard a familiar booming voice. As soon as I saw the glowing mane of hair I knew that it was Horus. He looked weakened and told us that he was staying in the temple we were in for a time of rest. I asked if I could help after returning from laying prostrate before him. He looked me directly in the eye as almost to insult my feeble attempt to try to bring help or comfort. It was foolish to think I could help them. It was at that moment that I knew that I would not be called into an afterlife to fight for the gods. It was at that moment that I knew I was just a stepping stone to a path of revival. I guess that is okay as long as it makes the world better. Alas after a few moments I was told to leave Horus’ presence. I wonder if my question had been such an insult that he wished to expel me from his mere presence. So I made my way down to the Ramen and asked if my friend Laladan was well. He stated that both were slated to report for the war soon. I hope my friend fairs well. I wish him the best of luck. After a while Drauka appeared. We walked back in silence. I let him think about what Horus talked to him about. It is important for him to reflect on this since I sense a great battle inside of him. He seems unsure of himself. He is so similar to the past members that I must take him under my arm to make sure he does not stray like the past few members. After this I went to the temple of Ra and made a donation and a prayer. Within a short time, Thoth appeared and said my prayers have been heard and I was to report to Greminor in a few months time. I was happy that I am still heard. It must mean I am doing something right. So in the mean time I spent time with Morgan, Oric, and Sadie until one night over dinner King Avramson told me of a burger that could not be compared to any other burger. I was intrigued and so the next day we took off on the back of a garuda and headed to Tolosonya, the town that lead to nothing more than vicious attacks at night. This time was different though. Avramson took me to a gladiatorial arena to watch a fight. Normally I do not enjoy these shows due to the use of slaves, but when he assured me that these were free men, I was happy to join him. I watched an amazing fighter with an even more amazing stage name, Beef Supreme, win a fight with ease. The crowd roared for him and he shouted that those who visited his aptly named restaurant, Beef Supreme, would receive a discount. After the fight I was able to meet the mighty fighter. We had a chance to talk for a while and then we approached the crowds together and put on a spar for show. He must have struck a chord with me, because I gave him my teddy bear as memorabilia for his restaurant along with a signed used up scroll. The king had to leave early, but he sent an escort to pick me up. No it was not that kind of escort. Let me just say though that the King was right, Beef Supreme had the best burger I have ever tasted. Back to escorts, the other kind. For some reason they are disappearing all over Avramstown. This looks like a mystery for the super mystery team to solve or well the name is still a work in progress, but alas that is a story for another time. So I made it back to the town and worked on the mystery for a while. For now the case is closed. Finally I made it to Greminor’s and was greeted by Tyvernos and Tim the raging Baal-Rog of love. I was invited by Tim and Greminor to play a game which I lost horribly in. It was interesting, but I must not be able to understand the rules for some reason. Maybe it was Tim making funny faces and distracting me too. Alas I finally got to spend some time with Greminor and Morgan as we spent several weeks on a tropical island. I guess this was Greminor’s wedding present to us. It was a nice destination. We got to enjoy the paradise when he did not have us work with him on some things. At last we were done and had to return to the reality of our mission. We spent our last few days working with the temple of Ra to raise so funds for them. We had a successful two days and I saw many familiar faces. The day after we did this, we volunteered with Cava to help the infirmed at the local hospitals. In all it was a great time and I enjoyed spending time with the people. So I encouraged King Avramson to work on creating a holiday to celebrate brotherhood and unity no matter what race or background people are from. I hope this will bring the world to a better place.

Posted by Gavin on the 28th of Od in the 9th Year of King Gedro.


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