Roggan’s Other^4 Log!!!

Realizing the Need

Roggan happy. Roggan think Roggan like life with CrIsis. Roggan and CrIsis walk from Scary Stone Tower to town Rivndy. Navelo and Roggan talk, and Roggan like Navelo.

Roggan play with Gavin and a big Tree. Roggan put on armor so Roggan not get hurt, but Roggan get hurt anyway!! Roggan not like dodge tree game, Roggan chest hurt, Roggan legs hurt, Roggan tail hurt, Roggan arms hurt, Roggan nose hurt, Roggan TOES hurt!!! Roggan Hurt, always hurt. Roggan not like fighting, always hurt! Roggan not like pain, pain mean, not feel good. Roggan Body weak, squishy, not like Roggan Love or Roggan Happy, or Roggan Brave. Roggan Love strong enough for everyone!! Roggan Happy help CrIsis not feel sad or mad all the time, like when Roggan and Rock Friends dance with CrIsis. Roggan Brave help CrIsis in battle, even if Roggan Body squishy. Roggan give Stone Armor to Cava, and ask rock friends to defend Roggan and Gavin from mean wolfs.

Gavin sometimes not nice too, Roggan hear Gavin call Roggan “Captain of the Obvious.” Gavin sound like Gavin making fun of Roggan. But Roggan and Gavin have fun, too. Roggan forgive Gavin.

Then something crazy happen! Crisis run into Tusky. Roggan hear about Tusky in Trog nighty-night story. (Though Trogs look dumb, Trogs use big words, even in nighty-night stories!)

“Once upon a time, Troglodytes lived all over the world. Troglodyte underground kingdoms could be found from the Northeastern mountains and frozen plains to the Southwestern lush jungle soils; from that bespoiled land in the Northwest to the waving plains in the Southeast. In this latter region, Troglodytes befriended the widely misunderstood swine called Tuskers. Tuskers and Trogs lived in harmony for generations. Tuskers came to love a type of sub-terranean tuber-like fungus called Troofli, so Trogs would give them Troofli in payment for helping them navigate the uncomfortable brightness in the Above Lands. Tuskers remember the smell of Troofli to this day, and will always help a Trog in need… Especially if he has Trooflis to give.”

Roggan see that nighty-night story not just made up. All Tuskies love Roggans! Roggan see Tuskies, and Roggan give armor to Cava, so Cava not get hurt. But Cava, Overky, and Tyvo hurted Tuskies! It ok, Roggan sing Trog chant for Tuskies.

“What the, What-the what-the?
Tusky, Troofli Troofli!
Come for Troggy troggy,

Tuskies come play with Roggan! Roggan love Tuskies. Them happy for Roggan, all Tuskies love Roggans! But Tuskies not like CrIsie, so Roggan have to play mean trick on Tuskies. Roggan throw old bone Tuskies find for Tuskies to run and get. While Tuskies gone, CrIsie try to sneak, but some not sneak good, so Roggan have to do it AGAIN! Oh, Roggan so sad! Roggan cry, apologize to Cow lady, ask for Cow-Lady forgive Roggan! Roggan say,

“Cow-Lady!!! Roggan so sorry! Roggan know Cow-Lady want Roggan show Love all the times. But Roggan try! Cow-Lady, Roggan try so hard! Not always happen, Roggan know, and Roggan sorry. Roggan not perfect, like Cow-Lady, not have Love like Cow-Lady, but Roggan try every day. Roggan promise to only defend CrIsie, Roggan not attack like Roggan did with mean wolfs. Roggan still hear Wolfs yelps when rocks hit wolfs. Tyvo embarrass Roggan, and remind Roggan to love everything!! Tyvo use short staff of APIS, to talk to Wolfs, to make wolfs not attack CrIsie, and show wolfs that Tyvo love them. Roggan not forget that. Not ever. Cow- Lady, Thank you for short staff that Cow-Lady give Tyvo! Roggan ask for Cow-Lady forgive Roggan.”

Then, CrIsis go on another boat, after being with Tyrow. CrIsis go to bad, mean city. But Nissy captain nice man! Roggan give Nissy rock, but Overky tell Nissy that Rock Roggan Name, so Nissy call Roggan Rock. Roggan ok with that.

Then CrIsis have a fight in a scary bar! Roggan so scared! Something hit Roggan that Roggan not see. Roggan hide in dust cloud. Roggan ask Mud Brother to help Roggan. Mud Brother squishy, muddy, but Mud Brother Big and Strong anyway! Mud Brother Body stronger than Roggan Body, but Roggan Love stronger than Mud Brother Love. Mud Brother help Roggan protect CrIsis. Mud Brother see invisible meanie, protect Roggan.

Mud Brother go away, and CrIsie look for mean Sturgie in mean Anubis church! Roggan look at door, not see any Runes, Andchantmies, Wards, or Circles. So Cava open door, door not locked! Then CrIsis talk to Sturgie.

Sturgie MEAN!!! Sturgie sound like Sturgie have plan for CrIsis. Like Sturgie want to hurt CrIsis! Overky make Sturgie fight Cava in Rivndy. Roggan like Rivndy, so Roggan happy CrIsis get to go back, but Roggan worried for Cava.

But Roggan have idea. Roggan make Gina the Gentle Gypsum Geode Big and Strong!!!! Roggan make rock body for Gina. Big Rock Bodies! Roggan help Crisis, give Protector to CrIsis!!

>>As scrawled by Roggan on Corg 16th in the year 111.<<

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