Roggan’s Other Other Other Other Other Other Log!!!

Roggan’s Wisdom

Roggan like it in Wisdom, even though mean men not let Gina in. Roggan meet Master Kel-ed. Master worship pretty lady. Master help CrIsis join Guild, so CrIsis can get help in Gods quest.

Roggan meet mean lady, Librarya. Librarya not think Roggan cute!! But Roggan so cute! Roggan try to hug mean lady, but mean lady run from Roggan! Roggan feel like Roggan and CrIsis show Elanu to Master, so Master know we can be trusted. Master take us to high room! Way high above town. Roggan see room not have walls. Roggan run to edge of floor, and drop one of Roggan stones.

Roggan want to see what happen if drop stone from so high! Roggan watch stone fall, forever stone fall. Stone almost hit person on ground!!!!! Roggan so scared! But excited at the same time. Roggan go back to CrIsis. Cava talk to Master about Isis, and CrIsis, and stuff. THEN Cow Lady APPEAR!!!! Not really. Roggan got you. But cow man appear in room with CrIsis and Master. Roggan excited, because anything that look like Cow Lady must be Cow Lady babies. Roggan want to go hug Cow Lady Baby. But big bubble trap CrIsis. Roggan look around, take out staff, cause it get dark in bubble. Roggan about to turn on Roggan staff light, but Tyvo tell Master to stop, and bubble disappear. CrIsis talk to Master about Meenotaur, name Xerxy. Roggan excited, but not able to get to know Xerxy. Always around other people, but Roggan need to talk to Cow Lady Baby in private. Tomorrow Roggan talk to Xerxy.

Roggan ask Master if Roggan talk to Warlock leader, like Master. Master tell Roggan and Tyvo that Warlock leader name Wesvon, and next day Roggan and Tyvo talk to Wesvon. Roggan sleep, not in ground like Roggan want, but in bed. Roggan wake up and Tyvo and Roggan to meet Wesvon, but Wesvon trap Roggan!!! Roggan not able to do anything! Roggan try to turn Wesvon into stone friend. Work, but then Wesvon disappear! Then Roggan see that there another Wesvon in room, look like stonefriend statue. So Roggan ask staff to turn Wesvon into person again. Wesvon thank Roggan and Tyvo, and teach magic to Roggan. Wesvon teach Roggan to use Diamond! Roggan fly!

CrIsis go to Guild meeting to join guild!! People welcome CrIsis to guild!! When crIsis leave meeting, Glebba and Tyrie tell Roggan that Gina die! WHY Gina have to die!! But Roggan know that if Gina not there, Glebba and Tyrie not come back, so it good Gina help, but Why Gina have to die? Roggan punch wall, stomp ground! Earth fail Gina. Earth not help Gina like Earth Should!!! Roggan not help Gina like Roggan should! Roggan fail Gina. Roggan should helped Gina! Should not come to Wisdom! But Gina gone, now. Cava help Roggan. Cava put arm around Roggan, and give Roggan a Geode. Another Geode, like Gina. Roggan never let Gina Two out of Roggan eyes. Roggan never let go. Roggan let Gina One die and Roggan fail CrIsis. Roggan not fail CrIsis again. Roggan make new Golem from Iron. Roggan make new Golem and put Roggan in Golem body! Roggan not think of it before, but Roggan see this the only way Roggan not Fail CrIsis again. Roggan go with CrIsis to King. King nice. Then Roggan start to make golem. Roggan need things, and Roggan have to tell CrIsis Roggan plan. Roggan not ask CrIsis if Roggan CAN do it. Roggan not even ask if CrIsis like Golem Body idea. CrIsis try to tell Roggan that Roggan not know how to help CrIsis, and that Golem Body wrong! How Golem Body wrong, if Cow Lady tell Roggan how to make it? Overky say Roggan no love no more. Roggan love CrIsis, love Overky. But Roggan not listen to CrIsis this time.

}{For more about Roggan’s Golem, see the log Hardened Heart and Resolve}{

>>As scrawled by Roggan on Selestra 5th in the year 111.<<

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