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Master Haboob,

It certainly was a pleasant surprise to receive your letter. I haven’t had correspondence in quite some time. Exchanging missives while you gallivant about the Grand Palladium panorama and periphery would please me greatly. I can’t promise that they’ll remain in confidence as there is little in the way of privacy here at the Harlot’s Hen. I’m excited to discuss your “mutually beneficial…if not pleasurable proposition” when you return to New Crests. Perhaps we’ll find that perfect mixture of business and pleasure.

To answer your questions, I’ve managed the Harlot for nearly fifteen years. I’ve always dreamed of going into business for myself but the opportunity hasn’t arisen. I’m confident that, if given a chance, I could build something beautiful. The Harlot is just the base of the pillar; it is a building block and stepping stone that will launch me into other, classier endeavors. You see, Sir Occo, Master Haboob, anyone can pump a few whores full of opium, chain them to a bedpost, and keyhole lightning the morning-after pill. But it is a rare find indeed to see true courtesans at work.

I have the knowledge, worldliness, and gumption to operate an academy of sexual congress. A true hostess is so much more than a willing mouth and a pair of open-legs. It is a little known phenomenon that the arousal of men begins in the mind and travels down through the heart, into the stomach, and…finally, to the loins. A courtesan strokes malleable egos even as she stokes the flames of ardent companionship. She neither needs nor wants and places no demands acting from without — a place of warmth, honesty, and impunity . Social and political lives are often mixed seamlessly with the blurred lines of obligation, duty, commitment, and marriage. I’m sure you know this as well as any. The Modern Man seeks respite. He takes refuge from the world in the arms of companionship — however brief. The businesses of sex and inebriation are as integral a part of man’s world as his most intrinsic need for sustenance.

And if that’s not enough I’ve got some truly revolutionary ideas that will…stimulate the economy. Can’t wait to share them with you.

I hope this missive finds you well. My best to Puppy Chow and Sue Storm.

Lady Alessandra Fenix
Madame of the future Phoenix Dream

Written on…an unknown date, in the 69th year of the Wolfen Empire.

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