Sad News

On Parents and War

Dear General Mordox,

I write with bad news. I had, at your prior request, had sent a small group of men to assist in the protection of your parents and their Druid friends in the Land of the South Winds.

They were attacked by a large force of Orcs, Ogres, and Goblins. It seems that a new force has been solidifying their presence in the northeast of that swampy land. The one surviving member of the protectionary force has made it to the Timiro border, where he sent a message to me, and to King Gedro. Your parents may yet live- all it said was a few druids escaped south, and only the messenger escaped north.

Worst of all, he stated that the force bore the fist symbol of Manus Trebelium! I know not your parents’ true names, and we in Timiro must now move forces southwest to prevent an invasion from that direction. Manus is far smarter than any mere orc! I am beginning to believe the rumors that Manus is a High Orc, descending from the legendary 13th tribe of Orcs. I know that you have a friendship with the legendary scholar Malkin Falimede. Is it possible that you could ask him for information on High Orcs, and forward it quickly to me?

I have been transferred to Fort Calda, due to my knowledge of the enemy. I have just arrived, and found out that not a single scout has returned from researching the enemies position in the Ogre Pass. I have recalled some of those that had served so well from their new home- I hope that our Orc scouts will have better success. I yet have hope that rather than being exiled to the Eastern Territory King Gedro will see the value in our Orc, Goblin, and Ogre friends and grant them citizenship. I fear that soon Manus and his forces will attack both through the Ogre Pass and the Aberla Pass, and have shared my fears with the King. The more men I have, of all races, supporting me, the more likely we will be triumphant!

General Skred

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