By the Grace and Power of Apis


I feel now as you must feel regularly. I have fought against the forces of Darkness, and have triumphed! Of course, it was not just me, as you fight alongside your friends- I was privileged to fight alongside fellow priests, and some Phoenixi! The battle was lost until… I guess I should explain.

I have arrived at the Obelisk of Osiris. After some time in talks and prayer, a blackness descended on the area surrounding the area. The Obelisk and its surrounds were bathed in light, but all around it was black. I took up my mace, and joined the protectors of the holy site, prepared for battle. We were attacked on all sides by Alu Demons, Vampires, Mummies, and Assassins of many races. It seemed as if all that serve Anubis and Charun had come to fight. They were all led by a Night Owl. He came to parlay under a flag of truce- of course asking for surrender. I learned later its name was Helgriven.

The battle lasted days. The troops of Timiro that had been sent by King Guy performed admirably! The priests were kept busy, either fighting, healing, or resurrecting. It seemed all of them possessed enhanced healing powers those days.

Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing a Phoenixi fight? It is if they are possessed of Bennu’s fury, along with the wrath of Ra!

We may have been overwhelmed had not two things occurred. One was the early arrival, just as the battle started, of Ondemeira the White. A stronger woman I have never seen! As the enemy encroached, despite our efforts, suddenly we were joined by a group of Gallu! Yes, the Demon Bulls! We thought we were lost, but they charged into the enemies midst with a glow of pure Light! They served the lady Apis herself! She sent them to turn the tide! That night I was visited by Apis in a vision, who told me to write you with the good news! She told me that you, and CrIsis, were strong enough to fight your own battles, and now the Gods attentions would focus on protecting your families and loved ones. She promised that Mary, Nara, the Oriflammes, Luur’na, his holiness U’Selekma, and Adriana would be under the Gods of Light protection, as would Ja’Deir’s home, Xarys. (I was somehow given full memory of this, despite the fact that I was asleep- I am blessed!) She stated that CrIsis were now the strongest warriors of Light, and needed no protection except for themselves alone! I wrote this post haste, and am sending it to you by a gift of a scroll left next to my pillow- a magic pigeon scroll. One of many, and they all smell faintly of Ondemeira- did I mention her beauty surpasses her strength?

You must see the Obelisk of Osiris! I am truly spellbound at the sight of it, and its surrounds! There are small statues to those of CrIsis around the Obelisk itself! It is said that the moment someone joins CrIsis a new statue mysteriously arrives! One arrived not long before I arrived- that of Asher. The statue of Ylren just got up and moved, into the area of former CrIsis members.

An expert upon your tale says that the former members are arranged by length of service. The ones closest to the group are the longest serving. This means that the semi-circle starts with Cava and Gavin, and ends with Alric and Vandur. As there is no warning when a new member will arrive, the area is cordoned off for safety. We have determined that, at all times, we shall allow for 5 new statues at any time, to prevent a repeat of the Tamara incident. (She was looking at the statue of Vandur from the side, and a new member arrived- the statue of Vandur crushed her as it moved over).

Ah yes, the We. I have decided that here is my true calling. As a friend of a member of CrIsis, and one that occasionally receives pigeons from you, I have decided to spread the word of Light here. I am still young enough to help defend it from another incursion, the Gods willing!

I sent this directly to you, as Apis had said that you were in need of good news! Be strong in the Light!

Fair thee well, wherever you may fare! May Isis’ Torch Light Your Way!
Father Philip
Sent on the 12th of Grekar in the 2nd year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture from Martin Bland


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