Scenes from Renvin

Some things happened. It’s time to talk about them.

Entry #93

Today was the 24th of Ra. I went to the grand tree within the Renvin square. There I met with Moli. It was good to be able to talk with her again! She works in a large office in this tree-building. She serves Lictalon as an interpreter. But she could take the day off to catch up with me. Together we left the tree-building by flying from a balcony under the power of the Millennium Tree’s gift to me.

From up in the air we could see the entire splendor of Renvin. It truly is a magnificent city. Moli overcame her nervousness about flying through the air much more quickly than I originally did. We flew together for a while. She pointed out areas of interest. Then she led us to a secluded beach where we could relax and talk privately. There I answered her questions about my time so far with CrIsis. I filled her in on the events I omitted or only hinted at in my letters to her. I expressed my concern for her safety and well-being here.

“The beginning of the Elven Kingdom was not wine and roses.” That was what she said to me about my troubling visions of her. Then she explained. When Lictalon called the Elves of the world to Him His intention was only to inform them of His return. He mistook His power and instead His message became a summoning. He realized too late that Elves from around the world were compelled to travel to Renvin. As more Elves arrived the city was forced to enact Martial Law. Then a legitimate worry about Lictalon was taken too far by many. In response people were chained and forced to do things against their will until they were checked out by Psychics. When Moli was checked her relationship to me was discovered and she became considered important to Lictalon.

Those who wished to return to where they came from have already been allowed to leave of their own free will. She says the only bad thing about Renvin now is that she has to wear a uniform! Moli was given an amulet with the magic of Tongues in order to better function as an Interpreter and Guide. She gives tours of the wilderness and city when she is not acting as an official interpreter. But lately she’s done that a lot between Lictalon and the Queen. She has also been involved in the heavy negotiations for Northolme to join the Elf-Dwarf Kingdom. Tomorrow in fact they will officially join. Reparations will be given to the Wolfen Empire. There will be trade established between all.

This saddened me but I tried not to show it to Moli. That Northolme would leave the Empire so shortly after coming within its embrace is unfortunate.

Moli continued talking to me about the current events. She told me that the Timiro Dwarves were being reached out to join as well. In fact cities from all over will be invited to join. This will make the new Kingdom have cities within other kingdoms like islands. Moli assured me that other Kindgoms will be okay with this because they will benefit through increased trade. They were even recently honored by his holiness U’Selekma – he will be opening up trade between Sekti-Abtu and the new kingdom of Elves and Dwarves. Humans and other races would be welcome and could even be citizens as well if they wished.

The Elves will give up Crystal Magic and will start making their airships again. I don’t know what that means but I understood well enough the next part. “The Dwarves will fire up the rune forges.” That was what Moli told me will happen. I don’t know much about history or magic but even I know that the making of Rune weapons is not something to be taken lightly. Wars have been fought over these relics. They represent a darker time. While the rune weapons themselves are good, evil, or indifferent, the act of making them is not. I don’t think I hid my feelings well enough. Moli changed the subject.

One of the most exciting things she does is give guided tours of the Crystal Garden. She asked if I would go with her there at sunrise and I said I would. She promised me that with her illusion abilities she could make it an experience unlike anything I ever witnessed before. We then took a walking tour of the city. Of note I met another Alchemist. His name was Athmas and he dealt with me fairly. Before I retired for the evening I read through the printed Books of CrIsis. It was strange to see how different our published adventures were compared to our true experiences. But now I understand a little better how others perceive us.

Today was an eventful day. Tomorrow should prove interesting as well.

Entry #94

Today was the 25th of Ra. It was an amazing day!

I met Moli shortly before dawn at the Crystal Garden. I allowed myself to see the illusions of the garden and entered with her as my guide. The illusions the garden produced as the sun rose were breathtaking. Writing them here will not do them justice so I will not even try. Moli added personal touches to the illusions of the garden. People and places from our shared past and from just my past greeted me within this place. I appreciate the effort she put into this. I can see why she likes giving these tours. Yet as wondrous as the sights were they did not compare to Great Apis‘s works.

Afterwards Moli then brought me to a small outdoor restaurant to meet a friend. Her “friend” turned out to be a beautiful and charming Kankoran woman named Rolling Hills. Moli slyly introduced us. Hills told me she had heard a lot about me. Not just from the books but also from conversations with Moli. I gave Moli my best “oh really” suspicious gaze. She responded with her classic “who me” look.

Rolling Hills was a delight to talk with. She is not just beautiful, but smart and funny as well. She called me “CrIsis’ Conscience” and thought it was nice to see that someone can try to do that. “Try is the word.” I said that to her and she laughed so beautifully. As we talked she told me some things about herself. She is a psychic healer. She was part of a group that was here during the war. Once things settled in Renvin she stayed and became a part of the Healing Class.

I asked her what she meant. She told me there is a group of healers which practice their crafts in the name of Renvin. They go around to surrounding areas and help those who are injured. Hills hoped that she could show me their facilities after breakfast. I happily agreed. Moli excused herself so she could go back to work. When we said goodbye she whispered something me. “I hope you like her because I think you would be good together.” That was what she said to me. I smiled back. I think Moli knows me well.

Hills and I finished breakfast. She brought me to their facilities. The building was like any others in Renvin. It was built in a way that it was integrated into nature. She introduced me to other healers. I met the man who led this group. He is a powerfully-built human named Wendell Moore. He explained that this facility had three branches of healing. There were psychic healers, magical healers, and those with neither gift who practiced natural healing. He considered himself one of those “Natural Healers” even though he knew some healing psionics and magic.

In a perfect environment each healer has a role. Psychics excel at diagnosing the injuries. The Natural Healers are skilled in preparing the injuries for proper healing. Then those with magic use their spells to accelerate the healing and restore the patient’s health. That was not to say that psychics couldn’t also accelerate healing or that either psychics or those with magic couldn’t practice natural healing too. It was an amazing system with surprising complexities.

The rest of the day I spent with Rolling Hills and the other psychic healers. Rolling Hills told me that she had read about how I had explored psionics and increased psychic knowledge. She said she and others like here were interested in that as well. They had reached a limit to their psionic knowledge which they didn’t know how to surpass. She asked if I had really surpassed these limits myself? And if it was only through Apis that I had done so?

I told them honestly that my faith in Great Apis and The Gods gave me strength in my meditation and my purpose. But these powers did not come from Her or the other Gods. My faith in them propelled me to find that strength within myself to develop these abilities. I offered to show them some of what the Path of Refinement had allowed me to develop before . I showed them how I could Calm the Minds of others. How I could enter a meditative trance state that left me aware of the world around me as if in a Waking Dream. How I could Share the gift of my Psionics with others. And lastly how I could Infuse Positive Energy into another. That power I did last on purpose because of how it drains me.

It occurred to me to wonder what the Tri-Arcanum would think of my actions. I sadly decided there wouldn’t be an issue. Mistress Karath directed the Internalists towards the Path of Convergence. Such things as I’d discovered through Refinement would likely not interest her. In fairness though I did discuss with the psychic healers about the guild’s Path of Convergence. Even though they work with mages they may find Convergence and the Tri-Arcanum’s methods a useful way to surpass their limits. It had helped me recently as well. I do not believe it is a bad path.

Rolling Hills asked if she could share in my meditation. I happily agreed. Others joined me as well. I spent the rest of the day alternating between periods of meditation, answering questions, and prayer to Great Apis for guidance in finding my way back to the Path of Refinement. I was nervous but Rolling Hills stayed with me all day. She gave me a different sort of strength than my faith in Apis or The Gods did. It was a good day.

Entry #95

Yesterday was the 26th of Ra. I spent the day with Rolling Hills and the healers again. Northolme officially joined Lictalon’s Kingdom. There was great celebration throughout the city. Rolling Hill and I went out to enjoy the celebrations. We continued to enjoy ourselves afterwards. I am surprised how easy and natural it is to be with her. Both of us are far from our home villages. Neither of us are beholden to the Kankoran ways. We spent the evening together. I may not have the experience of Grignak but both Cherkanan and Nimaya were good teachers. They prepared me well for last night. I am thankful to Great Apis and of course to Lady Bast as well.

Today was the 27th of Ra. I spent the day with Rolling Hills and the healers again. I showed them more of the powers I discovered. I discussed with them how I meditate. I even shared with them the name of the psychic whose works helped set me on this path: Millenkosh. Maybe they can find some of his books in the ancient libraries of this kingdom. I prayed to Apis often. This is my prayer.

Thank you Great Apis for Your blessings upon my life.
Thank you for giving me the strength to overcome my own limits in support of CrIsis and our quest for Isis.
I thank you, Great Apis, even as I ask again for your guidance in finding the Path of Refinement again.
I ask less for me and more for these healers who live and revel within your great works.
I ask for Rolling Hills.
These healers share your kindness towards us mortals.
Your works are wondrous and your powers great.
I am thankful for every day that you allow me to be your representative upon this world.
Even if I can never discover the Path of Refinement again then I ask please that you help those with me now to discover it.
If I can be any help to them in this endeavor, at least let me be a lesson in failure to them.
Please let my failure show them the way.
By your great mercy I pray.

A Elven man came to see the healers today. He told them his daughter was ill and needed aid. Would they please come help her? Doctor Moore said he would go personally. He took Rolling Hills with him. The man asked if I was Silent Dream of CrIsis. I told him I was. He seemed excited to learn that. He asked if I could come too. I looked to the healers – I did not want to be in their way. Doctor Moore nodded to me. Rolling Hill smiled her radiant smile. “Of course.” That was what I said to them. We accompanied this man to his home.

He told us his name was Chath Naeric. He said his daughter woke up ill this morning. She collapsed shortly after breakfast. Doctor Moore asked him many questions but Chath didn’t know most of the answers. Renvin is a large city. Their home was closer to the edge of the city near the woods. It struck me that their house was excessively large. It had the feel of an almost abandoned building. I had a foreboding feeling once I entered.

He brought us to where his daughter was laying unconscious in her room. I watched Doctor Moore examine her. He asked Rolling Hills to Diagnose her psychically. She entered her trance with the ease of practiced meditation. After some moments she came out of her trance. She then announced that Chath’s daughter had been poisoned. To our shock Chath didn’t look surprised. He looked at the three of us disappointingly. “I know that. But what about her mind? What is wrong with her mind?” That was what he said to us. Doctor Moore confronted him angrily about the poison. Chath admitted to poisoning his daughter into unconsciousness. In order to get healers to look at her. Doctor Moore knocked him down and easily restrained him. Chath then said it was in order to get me to look at her.

“Silent Dream of CrIsis! Please check her yourself! I know you can find the problem with her head! I’ve read about how you fixed your teammate when he wasn’t himself. Please, for the love of the Gods, help my daughter!” He sounded like a madman as he shouted that plea towards me while pinned beneath Doctor Moore. I looked the Doctor then over at Rolling Hills. With their permission I walked over and focused on the Elven woman laying on the bed. I did the same diagnosis which Rolling Hills had done. I could sense the poison. But I tried to sense more. I focused on finding any sort of mental aberrations. I was surprised to find something. There was another presence in her mind.

I said that out loud. Chath began crying tears of joy. “I knew it. I knew it. I knew something wasn’t right. I said this wasn’t like what happened to my friend Ursus though. And I wouldn’t do anything without talking to her. Rolling Hills purified her body of the poison. It wasn’t long before she woke up. She was understandably angry and confused. Her and her father kept yelling at each other and at us. I asked Doctor Moore if he could take Chath out of the room so I could try to calm and talk with his daughter. He and Rolling Hills left.

The Elven woman wouldn’t look at me. She sat on her bed angry. I came right out and asked about the presence in her mind. Did she know? Still without looking she told me yes. It was a blessing of the Gods that she could live again in her sister’s body. I asked if I could speak with her sister. She said not until tomorrow. But also that it wouldn’t matter. They weren’t sick and didn’t want someone like me – a psychic – trying to kill her. They were both content to live as the Goddess Bennu saw fit. Now could I get out of her room and give her some peace? After all her father did just poison her and she’d like a chance to recover.

That gave me pause. If what happened with them was the workings of Bennu then I did not want to make Her angry with me. I said this instead. “I won’t do anything without your permission. Both of your permission. But there may be a way I can talk with your sister now. If you’ll allow me.”

“No!” She looked at me angrily as she said that to me. “You’re not welcome in my head or my sister’s head. Or our home. Now leave. Get out and leave us alone.” I would not force the issue. I left her there and went to find Rolling Hills and the others. When I caught up to them Chath asked me hopefully if I fixed his daughter. I told him she wasn’t broken and didn’t want to change. He looked defeated when I said that. Doctor Moore took him away to face justice for his crime. Rolling Hills and I walked back together. I would respect that Elf woman’s wishes and leave her alone. If she didn’t want to be helped and she wasn’t a hazard to others then I saw no reason to force my will upon hers. Rolling Hills agreed with me about that.

Entry #96

Today was the 28th of Ra. Tomorrow I meet up with the rest of CrIsis and we’ll leave. Today was a day of goodbye’s. I spent the morning catching up with Moli. I talked to her about how I knew she lied to me in order to get me to bring CrIsis here with me. She tried to tell me she only exaggerated the danger she was in. I told her how worried I was. She was a little bit sorry. That is an improvement. I accepted her apology.

She told me something strange when I told her of a dream I had about her. She told me it was no dream. Somehow I had actually visited her in my sleep. This makes me question other dreams I have had. Have any others been real? Am I astral traveling in my sleep? Moli said I visited a few times but I only remember one dream like that. She laughed at what my face looked like as I thought about this. I decided to meditate on this later. We said goodbye. I can’t stay angry at her.

This afternoon I visited the healers again. I thanked them for letting me spend this time with them. They were grateful for what I had shown them was possible. The psychics were eager to keep trying to find the Path of Refinement I had shown them existed. I reminded them that the Gods gave me the strength to find this path. I told Doctor Wendell Moore how impressed I was at what he had created here in Renvin. He seemed sad to see me go. He told me I could make a good healer. His massive hand encompassed my own as we shook hands goodbye.

The rest of the day I spent with Rolling Hills. It hardly seems as if I only met her a few days ago. I feel like I’ve known her a lifetime. I regret that I can’t spend more time with her. She says she understands. I have promised to keep in touch with her and visit her again when this quest allows it. She looked away from me as I said that. A moment later she had a smile on her face as she looked back at me. “All that matters right now is us, right now.” That was what she said to me. She then asked me to meet her tonight at her home. We will spend my last night in Renvin together.


Note: These are select excerpts from Silent Dream’s journal. They were written in Elven between the 24th of Ra and 28th of Ra, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire.

Image Credits:
Philip Straub

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  • Wonderful log! You sir, got the love affair I was trying to get with Xerx’ses. I am regrettably very jealous, and yet SUPER HAPPY for you!
    That’s a great way to sneak in a backstory for why they share the same mind! Such a fun read!

    • Thanks! I just wish I could have written this up sooner and in the format I originally envisioned. There was so much more interaction and conversation which I had to summarize and cut out in order to get this posted before the campaign ended. I wanted Dream’s meeting of Elycia and his time with the healers to be more of a big deal and instead I feel like I glossed over those events. I think I at least managed to capture his burgeoning love for Rolling Hills, and her reciprocation.

  • The Hills are alive with the sound of….
    She does have huge tracts of land….

    This affair was really organic, and I am just glad Dream has not burned her…Yet…

    • Dream thinks she’s hot enough as it is.

  • Always good to read his inner thoughts on the happenings of CrIsis, puts some things into better perspective.

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