Sea of Despair – CrIsis Style

We Go Where?

I am most concerned…. perhaps Overkill is right- the Wolfen Empire is right- and the rest of us are dead wrong.

Perhaps I should explain. Maybe I just sum up…

We met with the blessed Horoth Wavestrider, who again reviewed the dangers of the Glaive of the Old Ones- it is clear that soon after we recover the Ribs of Osiris we shall begin a new quest- or at least CrIsis will- I may just be babysitting the boat. A parade, mostly in honor of Tyvernos, for he had given almost his entire treasure to the Church, had been arranged- I used to enjoy celebrity, but this was beginning to get out of hand.

Overkill changed allegiance from Bizantium to the Wolfen Empire because they seem to accept all people… ruled by Wolfen, but let them be themselves. This has obviously not been true of the dwarves of Sinza. We in Bizantium, when justice has not been served, hire slayers. Now slayers have their code- no poison, challenge to one on one fight, and only if the other party backs out does things get ugly- or so I always felt. On our way from Horoth’s temple back to our ship, Overkill was challenged by a slayer, to be punished for his past crimes as a pirate. Now he may have been bad before, but I have spent time with this now honorable dwarf… he did not deserve assassination, but that is exactly what he received. Thank Horus that Chip released the noose and Tyvernos breathed new life into him. Out of duty to my home I continued along the parade route, but only S’Erith and Overkill of CrIsis joined Horoth, Minischmee, and I- the others were too angry to continue. I blame them not.

The trip to Sinza was a relief- away from the prying eyes and worshipful throngs that seem to plague CrIsis wherever they go now. Arriving at Sinza, a masterful voyage by temporary captain Minischmee (a bet is a bet, after all), we again were greeted by throngs. This time most seemed interested in Overkill- we were in his hometown, after all. We met his rather extensive family- nice folks, but I will not bore you with that. Gavin suggested we stay for the Festival of Ra, and for that I am forever grateful. The not yet complete Pyramid at Sinza was where we celebrated- and what a celebration! We spent it partying with Ramen, Priests and Priestesses of the Pantheon of Ra, and Isis herself showed up! I did not hear her words, as it seemed she only spoke to the members of CrIsis, but I was deeply honored and humbled to be in her presence.

We left Sinza bound for the mysterious island of Lemaria through the awful Sea of Despair. This sea is by far the most treacherous of all, for not only is it full of sea monsters- a Snaggled Tooth Gobbler almost made off with Tyvernos, but he was protected by his Torch Ring, but this sea has strange weather patterns and just the unexplained. For instance, as we were sailing along a sudden storm came from nowhere and dropped large, smelly tadpoles for 20 minutes, and then disappeared- unfortunately the tadpoles had to get cleaned off. The lovely Morgan was greatly disturbed by these things.

After 6 days the worst storm I have ever seen came up, and despite all of our best efforts, we lost our sails, were thrown drastically off course, and limped into a bay of an island not on any of our charts. Schmee, Overkill, & I had sent the rest down to their cabins, and we discovered that fair Matilda had received much damage. There was a hole in her keel large enough for Karma to swim through. We beached the ship, and then even worse news- Cava informed us that the food and water had all vanished! Now we must find a way to fix the ship and get food and water- and barrels to hold them in. Horus help us!

Written on the 28th of Selestra by the servant of Horus, Robert the Just, in the 23rd year of King Bafag of Bizantium.

Picture by B.F. Gribble

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  • Poor Robert, all this excitement and he can’t even get to hear a few Holy Words from Isis…Of course Jershon probably has similar feelings.

    • Jershon gets more respect than Robert ever did…

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