Secrets of the Library

When I was a child we would play with sticks pretending that we were the famous Defilers chasing fictitious dragons, pirates (yea, I know ironic, huh) or whatever. We would run around free as children are creating our own adventures under some delusion that time had passed so long that the fabled Defilers were dead. Not so. Today I met one of them (I will not tell you who it was only that he knew some guy that Bexx and Chip knew). To say the least it was a childhood memory spark that brought me back to my boyhood almost instantly. I was speechless. This helpful companion took us to places in the Library that I am pretty sure no one knew about or considered looking. The man was on top of things. The funny thing is that their stories are ancient as some dragons and twice as entertaining. I am certain that if they did half of what was talked about they would still be amazing. I just figured that they were deceased. I have traveled all over the Northern Wilderness and Bizantium, past some of the Eastern Territory and each time I came into port I was surprised, guessed that Y-Oda should not of surprised me either.

I have taken the name Merd Goose from Dragon Claw. A name that is fit as it is so far from my true name or pirate name and close enough to home that people will not second guess my accent. My companions are real characters. I have taken a liking to one called Becks (I think that’s how he spells his name; never bothered to ask). Also along with being able to speak the language of the Elves I apparently can read it to. Osiris be praised. I haven’t run into to much trouble yet but time will tell when the enemies of the Gods will attack. We have learned to be on our best alert.

While at the library, I acquired some maps of the known world. My old navigator would of killed for these. They are really top notch. I gave one to both my companions after doing some research on the island we are heading for. Oh another thing turns out that there is multiple versions of Elven. Oh sure they all use the same words but sometimes they mean different things depending on the region. I couldn’t make sense of some of the material that they gave me to study from. I am just glad I got the maps. Time will tell if our research pays off.

After the day was through we went to a bar (I didn’t pay attention to the name). I watched as Chip cleaned off a dozen Dwarven ales. A dozen! Get this, he wasn’t intoxicated. My theories of him being a Changling are definitely out the window. Changlings cant drink or something like that. There are a lot of rumors to that dead race. Osiris, I hope they are dead. Gives me the willies just thinking that they might still exist. At any rate, the keep kept spilling rumors like a wheat mill about sphinxes and such. He got drunk, well, wasted. Then after all of that he payed for the beer. Can’t say he is all bad.

At any rate, I bid you ado,


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