See You at the Games!

Forwarded to CrIsis by Malkin Falimede (Note, I am still waiting to see what to study next to benefit CrIsis)

Xerx’ses and the other members of CrIsis-

You have given this bard a new lease on life! I have gathered true servants of Light unto the banner of CrIsis, and we sing in praise of Isis, CrIsis, and the bright future that the rebuilding of the Lawgiver will bring! We have been blessed by a small retinue of Western Empire janissaries, with the blessings of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II himself!

We are currently trying to spread your good word throughout the Western Empire, and outside of some incidents in the Middle Kingdoms (I advise you not to go there- under the sway of the Dark) we have been rather successful. We now journey to Wisdom, as I am scheduled to perform there at the Festival of Algor!

I will make sure that myself and the other Soldiers of CrIsis are at the Lopanic Games to support and protect you, as I am sure there will be forces of the Dark there, trying to get the Lung!

May the Light ever Shine on You All!
Your Faithful Servant!
Commander Gleba


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