Slave Uprising

War in Timiro

To General Mordox:
From General Skred:
Concerning: Battle so Far:

The slaves you released combined with the orcs from the 13th tribe you met, and our own forces, provided a base supply of troops. We began recruiting secretly throughout Timiro, and on the 1st of Ra, 109, we began our first attack. I knew that you would appreciate us attacking during the Festival of Ra, since he has given us so much strength! Taking the enemy by surprise in their drunken stupors, we freed many slaves in Tills, and with this new found strength made it our base of operations. We routed the humans, sending them scurrying off to Fort Ibera. The 10 days that we stayed there were some of the best of my life- you would have been so proud! We put orcs in charge of the mining operations, set up a government- I wish you would have seen it.

The joy did not last, however. It turns out that this 13th tribe of Orcs were not what they appeared. You know, the ones you saw on your way to Sims? The ones that Overkill talked about in your book but you didn’t mention because you, not long after, died? Well, anyways, they are High Orcs! Yes, from the legends. They are led by a huge hulk named Manus Trebelium, and they don’t want to free the slaves- they want to conquer all of the Timiro Kingdom! In fact, they want the whole of Palladium to be run by them.

This was, of course, inexcusable to me. The problem was, I had nowhere to go. I gathered the few I trusted, and left as Manus gave a speech that had them all in a frenzy! Somewhere, somehow, perhaps because I was busy setting up a real society, his army had grown to 2000! There was talk as I escaped that they were to join with an Ogre force at the Ogre Pass, and attack Fort Calda!

I, with 3 of my trusted friends, escaped and made our way far south to Erat, where our network was still in place. There I found that Manus and his army had not only overrun Fort Calda, but Fort Clay as well. I must admit that here is where I should have taken a horse, gone to Tanis, and sent you word, and asked for advice. Tanis had a mage who would have sent a magic pigeon. You always encouraged me to think for myself, my leader, and here I made a mistake. I felt that they would attack Smia, the closest city. My friends agreed. The 4 of us went to Smia, turned ourselves in, but were immediately released (as I had figured). We were asked for all information, and a force was raised to protect the city of Smia.

Manus attacked Erat instead! Lost now were not only our networks in Tills and Erat, but many lives. The orcs and ogres were now freed, as well as the other slaves, but not as we envisioned. There is now even more hatred between humans and the other races. Dwarves and Elves are the only ones that have escaped the backlash. Tills, Erat, and the 2 forts have been destroyed- burned to the ground. Luckily your parents, my adopted ones, are still safe in the Land of the South Winds. Our dream of standing together, as equals, all races, is dead here however. I now am a Lieutenant in the Timiro army- I just want one shot at Manus.

Manus and his army retreated back through the Ogre Pass. Fort Calda yet stands! We turned them back this week outside of Fort Ibera, but we already lost Fort Bext. No one is sure where they will strike next. You may feel I joined the enemy, but if you would have seen Manus you would understand that this is the lesser of two evils.

I have been embarrassed to tell you the story, but there it is. I hope that you will return here at some point- they would welcome you if you joined us in this fight. Your true nature and name is still safe- you will always be my hero and friend.

Posted by Skred Uryte on the 29th of Majestic in the 9th Year of that scum-sucking King Gedro- but he is still better than that monster Manus.

Picture by Alan Lathwell.

2 Responses to “Slave Uprising

  • Yeah, interesting turn of events for the Timirians. Of course, things turned out just ok in the end.

    • Sure did not look like that back then….

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