Softer Side of a Dwarf

There is Something in my Eye


I am so glad that we got to Seaholm – home of the Seahawk tribe and yes, I know some of the tribes, just not all of them. No, I had to ask when I got there who they were-frankly my geography sucks, and as to who controls what outside of the Ursa Rex and Snow Grass I still don’t know. The pirates have made the trip getting there worthy of going to land. Don’t ask, I already told you the story.

After we docked port we spent some time looking for a man with a horse (don’t laugh) as the Priest was a bit uncomfortable being without one (never mind that we have one already and a pony). I am certain that we could of hooked up the Centaur to something but that is a bit low. There we picked up yet another member of CrIsis, a gnome by the name of Tyvernos. He seemed friendly enough. I have got used to seeing the group grow and change. The Gods of Light have no qualms about who they choose for this mission and this gnome is a clear example of that.

When we got to the city and settled in at the pub it seems that the followers of Set and his cronies are becoming more and more open with their religion. The bartender was an open follower so we went to a second only to find two more followers. I guess that we are just going to have to get used to seeing them. I tell you ever since me, Rell and Mary encountered the guy that was following us in Credia, I have become more and more edgy about wandering eyes and have been more eager to poke out a few and if I had not sworn to be good there would be a few toothless and eyeless people.

We hooked up with a traveling party of merchants lead by an dwarf named Oric who were going to Avramstown, a city northwest of Seaholm and controlled by yet another tribe, the January Magic (Shut up, I am trying to educate you). Thank goodness there is not customs as harsh as Bizantium with all those holier-then-thou yahoos with their heads up their hind end. (Perhaps I will talk to Oric later about citizenship.)

Now this trip was supposed to be short with little incident save a wild animal or two. Nope! First our party gets attacked by Bearmen and they out numbered us at least two to one but that would not compare to the attack that followed. Almost a half dozen frost giants attempted to stop our trip later that night and almost were successful. While we were sleeping at night between the merchants and us we had divided the night into shifts and it was during one of them that Frost Giants decided to come out of the mountain pass and race down toward our party. The fire barely out, those that were on watch did not see what was coming as they have limited sight (in other words they were blind as a bat). The screams were enough to wake me and the rest of the party and when my eyes finally adjusted that’s when I saw the behemoths. I almost soiled my armor. They were huge! I have not seen things the size of trees with the speed of horses come at me.

After composing myself I loaded my crossbow and wouldn’t you know it between the other actions of the team I didn’t get to fire one shot. One fellow used his psionics to divide the barrage by creating a invisible shield (something we are all very familiar with; thank you Gavin). While the divided team was attempting to break the shield the second half were still coming. The centaur went to work and raced up the hill with the wolfen hot on her heels (hooves?). The new guy used his warlock powers to push one of the creatures back, but the thing that ended the battle was when Rell used his twin blades and cut off the arm of one of the combatants.

Suddenly the battle turned around. All the assailants surrendered begging for their lives. Normally I would have called for the death for these giants but something inside said that mercy was the better path to follow. I have really gone soft.

The rest of the trip was smooth. Thank Thoth.

When we got there there was a montage of races that would match what goes on in the Great Library with peace to match. We made no stops or hesitancy and made our way to the Great Pyramid. We knew the process, the names per step and the bathing but what we didn’t see was that when we were greeted, we beheld Isis. She took the item that we had (the tongue) and placed it in a place similar to the heart with the blue fire and all. I don’t know if I even spoke. She told us that the mission was getting harder and that the Gods of Light were getting involved now doing what ever they could to keep our assailants from finding us let alone destroying us. When she told us I could only dread in fear for Mary in Northolme, friends on the Red Beard and my family in Bizantium. I was certain that the Death God would get to them to get to me. I, in that moment, desperately wished that I had no past, no one to love, no friends or family. Isis read my expression (or mind; I am not sure). She actually cried for me a mortal and what I was worried about. I should of been nothing and the mission, everything but she had compassion for me. I have been touched, moved really. I will never be the same.

Stay safe. I worry about you and the crew. (Yea you, you ass.)


Posted by Overkill on the 5th of Thoth, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Picture courtesy of Nate Barnes.

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  • He says he is getting soft…but me thinks he is feeling the burden…like the others.

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