Strange Occurrences

Something Does Not Feel Right

Dear General Mordox,

I feel that I am heading to my grave. I have written you each time that I have moved forts, and my men and I are getting fed up! We have now been summoned to Credia itself! Some of my men have given up, and gone back to their homes. We have been moved from the front lines to the rear, back to the front, and now to, well, babysit….

I know that I can complain to you, and my words will stay secret. We spent merely days on the Nisi Peninsula before we were sent back to Fort Calda. That at least made some sense, with the loss of many scouts. But now, less than a month later, to be pulled away again? You would not believe the force that has replaced us! A bunch of young, untrained troops, led by those that have been known to take bribes to look away! Sure, the leaders are hardened vets, but they are more charmed by gold than duty.

I will write you after I meet with King Gedro, and the planner of this craziness, General Doonton.

I will give the King your message, and hope that I can talk some sense into the 2 of them.

Pray to Ra that I am successful!
General Skred

Sent on the 28th of Corg in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

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