Splinters of Tomorrow

I am swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep
swimming, swimming, swimming, one word and
one phrase at a time, though my consciousness
experiences total lack of context and absolute

I search for the beast, searching, searching,
searching, searching, searching, and then found.
Pure rage, no thoughts, kill that which sought to destroy
us, with no thought of ever returning safely to
those I respect, nay, regard as demi-gods, must
share their world.

I am striking, striking, striking, striking,
striking, striking with all my might, with my
magic bo staff, trying to subdue the serpent
which choose the wrong boat.

I am lifted, lifted, lifted, lifted, lifted,
lifted through the air, like a feather, a leaf,
I weigh nothing as I am safe on Matilda.

Glory be, glory be, glory be, glory be, glory be
to CrIsis– all is well and blessed again.

Composed by Terramore Gleba.
Submitted On the 8th of Gryphon in the 22nd year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II
Picture from Rachel White.

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