Thank you Master Weaver

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Master Kel-ed.
| At the Tri-Arcanum Guild

Good Master of Weavers,

Thank you kindly Master for taking the time to educate me on how the surface world works. I will send word when I have made the deposit with the Gold Coast Company since I am representing them in the Pentathlon and Dueling competitions.

Alas, I am sorry once more Master that I did not see the dragon and its brood (which I had not run into) from that perspective. I wish to repay your kindness and when I arrive I was able to retrieve 4 oz. of Gantrium and would like to repay you for the replacement token.

Master, I was nominated as the leader spokesman for my group when we are not at sea (that is Master Overkill’s domain). Do you have any books you would recommend on being a “good” leader? I want to learn from the past and avoid mistakes if I can ride on the literary shoulders of those that came before me.

I will make haste as soon as I am able to come and study under you. I hope to learn surface customs as well so I stop making these blunders not knowing how to navigate these unknown waters.

The Great Bard has made his choice and I wish him well in his future endeavors and I will miss him.

Be well good Master of Weavers,


>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the afternoon of 12th of Grekar, 70th Year of the Wolfen Empire, 2nd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, and 343 year of the Dominion of Man. <<<

Picture from Hallucination Walker.

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