The Babysitter’s Club

Chip- Leave Me Alone!

The sound of marching became louder and louder. Soon a keep full of orcs and ogres will be upon us. I looked over to my right, my comrade Overkill standing swords at ready. I could see it in his eyes, actually I could see it in everyone’s eyes, although no one would admit it. The only reason I didn’t share this with them was I had experienced this once before. I am about to die again.
It all started after Rell almost took off my head with his axes. We still need to go over the differences between friend and foe. However I digress, we continued with our orc accomplices deeper into the keep in search of Rhaznor. Only our search was cut short when we stumbled upon an orc patrol. I think they were just as startled to see us as we were to see them. They must have thought we were prisoners, because they began to approach us with ease of mind as if we were of no threat. It was here we took the offensive and attacked the approaching orcs, which leads us to the beginning of this journal entry. Half of the orcs have gotten away and sounded the alarm and here we are preparing for our final showdown. I was chosen for the front lines. I have no clue why as I was randomly chosen. It seems that many do not recognize my full potential yet, but again I must be close as I exerted my powers to their maximum limit for the day. Ra must have been watching over us and allowed the alarm to be sounded when it was, for I believe that if we were in a more open area many more of us would have died. We were blessed that the hallways were small enough for the orcs to stand two across. They finally appeared after what seemed like hours. They were ready to fight, and more importantly ready to die! These orcs were such feral beasts. These were not like the ones I have met and freed in the past. These were tainted by something dark. Maybe this puppet, Rhaznor was the one who tainted these beings. It is sad to be required to put them down like a rabid dog. However, it must be done. The battle finally began. They were relentless. As soon as one orc fell another was standing on the corpse of the one before to take his place. They continued to build our wall, a wall of souls. However, we were not without blows that were dealt upon us. I myself was hit hard several times by these orcs. Again Ra has given me the strength to withstand these attacks and continue fighting for his cause.
After our walls were built up quite high the orcs began to retreat. Their fury quickly turned to quaking in their armor. It was almost impossible for their generals to find replacements at the front lines and I do not blame them. To attack a cornered animal will surely be cause for pain upon one’s self. After the orcs had fled, we continued our search for Rhaznor. I went with Rell and Greldarr to examine the upper portions of the keep, while the others continued searching down below. After a short period of time the other group somehow captured Rhaznor. After subduing Rhaznor, he quickly showed us all we wanted to know. How often is it the case that the leader turns so cowardly when the odds are against him? He should face his judgment like a man. Well at least he lead us to our quarry. We have finally found the Tongue of Osiris. We can now relax for a short while as we head to return it to the First Pyramid of Osiris.
The rest of the party wished to explore the cursed road and so we did. Sure enough the road was cursed, but not by magic. It was cursed by traps and kobold warriors. When they stopped us and saw that we had Rhaznor in our possession as well as their stolen treasure, they begged for it back. There was no discussion to do what had to be done, as the party decided together to return that which belongs to them and to our surprise the kobolds responded that the curse will now be lifted. It turns out that these are the ones who had been causing all these problems. So in a sense it was good that we returned down this path as many lives may now be spared by peace.
We continued our journey first to Fort Ac, where I waited outside of town and I was watched by Chip the whole time. It turns out no one trusts my survival skills and they think I need a babysitter. Chip complained the entire time about wishing he was in town, but I continually reminded him that it was his choice to stay with me, not mine. After Fort Ac we stopped by the First Pyramid of Osiris and made donations. I got to see my favorite Ramen again, his name is Laladan and he is really neat. He wouldn’t answer any of my questions and was dodging them a lot, but he will come around. After all I thought the gods wanted to succeed in finding the body parts as does the church. I am wondering a bit why they don’t offer men, supplies, or room & board more freely. Alas I get ahead of myself. We are now in Credia. We have purchased some beer that we hope will pay out a lot. as it was made in Tax which is known for the best beer in the Timiro Kingdom. So that should help us a bit. We are waiting for the last finishes on our boat to be made and we can finally head out to get the second piece of Osiris.

PS. Chip if you are reading my journal again stop it. I don’t need you telling the whole world about me. Also remember tell Rod Rambler not to use my name. Gavin is the only name that may be used. Oh and I can take care of myself so there! I do not need a babysitter!

Posted by Gavin on the 4th day of Corg in the 8th Year of King Gedro.

Image by Kolokas.

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  • Although Gavin & Chip seem to be complete polar opposites, they both have very competitive egos.

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