The Facade

Who are these creatures?


When we docked in Credia I went out with Mary to do a little shopping. Make a light and hearty experience. The past few days of pirates and monsters needed to be purged from our memories. It was while we were shopping that I got the stupid idea of Miracle Cream (you know the stuff), not that Mary is not a beautiful woman but I wanted to give her better features; the edge over other women. Bad move, Osiris, I wish I could of taken that back. I spent an hour and 14,000 Eastern to make up for the comments that came from my lips.

After much repentance, it was while I was on my knees begging for forgiveness that a stranger that we had happened to see in the store complemented us on our search for the God. This after I had insulted him for watching and even gave money as a pardon. Damn my hand for giving this man one coin. What is going on? Do complete strangers know of our quest? I would have killed him for his comment but were for Mary present. It would of tied the loose ends that keep appearing.

Mary is my anchor. I want to be so good when I am around her. I pray that I never lose her.

I haven’t told the others of the encounter, though Rell, who had joined us, should eventually talk, perhaps.

That night I enjoyed the company of Mary on the ship… well almost. In the middle of the night that ranger that I have grown so fond of went more crazy then a rabid monkey. I only caught a brief moment but I thought that he was sleep walking so I attempted to tackle. Many a young man on my ship (The Red Beard) has walked off the edge to their death. So seeing a man who possibly could hurt himself attempted to tackle the man without my weapons. My mistake. He buried his axe into my back as I came for him. The sheer shock of it all drew Mary into a rage of her own but before she could use her newly acquired weapon of choice the moment was over. Mary was so angry. I am only glad that she was convinced to return to her room after my wound was healed.

I wish that I had my two swords with me (I returned them to be with Mary) because as we bound the dream walker he came alive with rage in his eyes. I had never seen such fury. The manacles that Rell had placed on him were shattered like egg shells. It was not the ranger Cava but a new player, the God Anubis! I didn’t stand a chance. I didn’t know whether to respect him or hate him. I didn’t get the chance. After a brief exchange I was thrown across the room. Osiris, Cava is so lucky that I like him or Striker and Hawk Eye would have blood on their blades. Only thing worse facing me is the rage of Mary with her new cleaver.

We didn’t get much explanation of his behavior after Cava’s exorcism. The scars on his back say nothing but give hints of a tortured soul. I am grateful that at least that he was available when the six pirate ships appeared. In a straight line they raced at us. It must of been the heat, Mini, that messed with my skills because I exposed our broadside to them attempting to out flank them. Our ship had the speed and we were doing awful. The Sea Titan, Chip, didn’t do much better manning the gun as he was shooting the ship more then the enemy.

When we had the upper hand finally I switched places with the goof of a gunner and was about to take out one of their ships (now on fire) when Osiris’ voice told me not to take the shot only that he spared us to finish our task. When we finally was far enough away it took an hour for Mary to calm me. I had learned that the mage was holding back and that he was letting the fates do their work. “If it was the fates”, said he, “then they will live”. That mage has some serious power from his home world that he has yet to explain.

I know not the gods nor anyone aboard.

Posted by Overkill on the 8th of Corg, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Anubis picture courtesy of Airaf

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  • More lovers issues for CrIsis members. Will it never end? I guess it is because we are so passionate.

    What I find interesting is that Overkill seems to be realizing that no matter what he does, fate or destiny will steer him where it wants…

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