The Game is a Foot – HA!

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Master Kel-ed.
| At the Tri-Arcanum Guild

Good Master of Weavers,

First, have you heard of a “Master Collector,” some Hooman named Shurlok Homed that lives on the street of Bakers in Llorn? Master Tyvernos claims he writes the best crime drama he has ever read, but I think he plays jokes on me I seem to miss. Is there a game named “A Foot”?

Second, I have not lost the location item so you must know what a sunny, rainy, rather yucky, sticky, grimmy, …is that a bug in my nose???… filled day it is down here. Good Master Azariel and you have gotten me to try and crack the secrets of the Book of A’zad, and armed with both your insights I was more successful this go around. Here is what I have been able to piece together:

* There 300 sheafs of parchment within the book.
* 73 of them are partially burned from a previously unsuccessful attempt to study the book.
* It contains every spell I know.
* I have to utter my mentors, true name and smear my blood on the spine to make it reveal a warning that it is “NOT” a Dwarven Book of Magic. Further information was retrieved with more blood on the spine and Decipher Magic.
* After page 50 the book is blank / hiding more secrets, or I have not found the combination of blood and spell to unlock them.

Would that I had more time in the 22nd of Od to pry more from the book, alas, I am bound by the sound of my companions waking to aside my pursuits and venture for in our quest to gather one of the Lawbringer’s feet. We have come to the lair of an ancient Wooly Dragon hidden deep in this wet sea locked bit of land. Maybe it’s beyond me being a simple mage but why would a shaggy, fur-ridden dragon live here! Why not up north where tis cold and suited to fur? As we were gearing up to disembark a new companion joined us much the same way I found myself in Wisdom over half a year ago. Ylren, an Elvish Hunter from some island called, Phi.

We verified his identity and learn the Goddess Bennu is looking after us this month. Master Overkill had caught a glimpse of an invisible ship that was masked by magical illusion. I saw there was some kind of monkey creature emptying the ship with an industry which gave our gnome pause. Both Master Ja’Deir and I gave our Eye Tiles over to the phantom of our air warlock for a closer look. This calls for a closer look, I changed into a seagull once more and performed reconnaissance and came to the conclusion that most of the sailors corpses showed the bloated, blue-rimmed signs of drowning. They made a fine appetizer for the jungle denizens. During the outward inspection I was nearly attacked by a hawk of some variety but a swift use of a lightning bolt slammed the predator bird so hard into the ship I made a new hole! When I tried to enter the vessel I was attacked by a mystic drain of some kind! I left – changing back to the avian form once more – and joined my companions with news of what I had gleaned from my brief view of the ship and its coined treasure.

As the rest of the group were reaching shore in the dingy, there was a stampede of blubberous creatures I have never seen but bloated and thirsty for water they appeared. I thought something might have spooked them given the way crashed into one another. While my friends were checking on that I flew into the island’s jungle up the trail they had made to find the source of the commotion, would it be a Dragon? When I came across the bloated creatures watering hole I noticed hooman sized foot prints and feared my companions were in danger, so back I went!

I saw my companions were being assaulted by a creature I could not see but he was clearly winning so when the Aerial Master Gnome blasted him with wind I ushered for a favor from the Gods to provide us ‘Safe Passage’ to the Dragon! Since I am writing this from the boat I have learned the creature was named Darksong and is something called a Syvan. I was also told it wields a foul runesword named, Mindprancer, and we are going back to track the bastard down for he is a longstanding villian of CrIsis. If I can wrest the blade away from the creature for you good Master I shall. It took three days for us to reach the ancient Wooly Dragon. I was itching to fight the beast with spellbound enhancements, and I have noticed becoming more competitive since the trials and with Master Overkill’s training with the sword.

Some contact had been made with these weird little monkeys creatures and their speaker was one we came to associated with liars, Abu. Once we made it to the Dragon it became clear this foul creature was in league with the ancient, shaggy worm. Master Tyvernos hid himself in a wall of Darkness he could see from and turned into a 30 foot giant I strode forward dropping lightning as we completely ignored Master Ja’Deir’s plan to stun the beast as Master Tyvernos dropped a Tornado on top of it. The little bastard monkey convinced everyone to let his Master go in exchange for the foot, Ylren, has not been hounded by the dark as we have. Touchy with trust I have started to become when I see betrayal. Nevertheless, I summoned the mage bane of clouds and tried to trust in trade. I was still waiting for the beast(s) to try and get the drop on us and kill our merry band.

When we got to the cave with the foot the little monkey claimed we stole the foot. It was then I noticed Master Tyvernos was missing and had to agree the evil little monkey was right we likely did take the foot. The dragon finally began attacking and I had enough mystical energy to enhance myself once more! FINALLY THE FIGHT I HAD BEEN HOPING FOR!


At first it looked as though history had repeated itself and Master Overkill was crushed again by the ancient, shaggy worm, however, turns out Master Ja’Deir had a misplaced shot from the huge stomp of the Dragon’s foot and stabbed our bearded friend. With all the times he would say ‘stabbity action’ I wonder if this would be funny to him? Just when things began to look dire Brother Indaris was blessed by Benevolent Bennu and Divine Isis with the legendary Spell – Sanctuary, he then beat the dragon to death!!! I know he feels conflicted but even Abu said that the plan had been to lure us close all along and then kill us. Ironic justice in a sense. While that was happening I ran forth and got Master Overkill’s body to safety. 3 more days and we were back aboard Rogtilda where through two scrolls of the Lawbringer, Master Overkill was returned to the world of the living.

We plan to return – deal with Darksong, Abu, and the hoard of the Dragon in the morning.

Be well good Master of Weavers,


>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the evening of the 28th of Od the year 111. <<<

Elf archer picture from Jasson78.
Darksong/Syvan picture from Targete.
Abu picture by Amystica.

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