The Gods Work In Mysterious Ways

Very Mysterious

Father Phillip-

I will write to you to tell you of the wonders I am seeing.

Thoth 30
What a day this has been, I have seen the magnificence of Thoth in his quiet domain, and then with a simple word I was removed from his holy presence and transported to the Baalgor Wastelands, where I first met the (in)famous CrIsis. I appeared at the end of a deadly battle, as members of the group were lying injured. I am glad Lord Thoth gave me time to read about these people, otherwise appearing in a Minotaur Cave in the middle of one of the most dangerous places in the world might have been too much to handle, but I prepared myself as much as I could mentally, but nothing can prepare you for the heat, even underground as we were the heat was stifling, and the smell, the smells of the cave were terrible as well. Hope that you never have to go into a Minotaur lair in a desert as the smell had texture, you could almost imagine the rotting offal everywhere.

I appeared in front of CrIsis as they were perusing a rough drawn map in the dirt, luckily my childhood doodling helped me here and to prove to the strange and terrible people I drew out a rough copy of the map to redo properly but they accepted the rough drawing. I also passed onto them what Lord Thoth said about the danger of the place and we started to leave, this is where we ran into the Serelan Minotaurs who were assaulting this place with the help of CrIsis, and this is were I realised 2 things.

Xerx’ses the Minotaur has the femur of Osiris in his hands, I started shaking with excitement as there had only been rumours of the locations and to actually see a part of Osiris, and the Minotaur was using it as a walking stick, (yep, a walking stick). The other was that Xerx’ses had a sword sticking out of his chest like it was a splinter in his finger and the others took no mind of it either, and it wasn’t a cut, it was a sword, sticking into him.
Who have I gotten entangled with?

Luckily Lord Thoth had me read the books of CrIsis otherwise the whole next set of encounters would have made little sense, but we met with the Leader of the Serelan Minotaur, Xixin, gave him the rough drawn map of the Lair we were in so he could gain a tactical advantage and we left as per Lord Thoth’s warning.

Then we met a Vrill.
Vrill are very strange creatures, this one was called Old Gregg, and spoke strangely, though he seemed to be a friendly enough fellow, who had met the party before. Old Gregg greeted Azariel like they were very old friends and agreed to lead us through the Desert, he seemed to be somewhat amorously inclined and things like being of a different species seemed to make no difference, but for him to be there waiting for us I would have to say he is a staunch friend of CrIsis, and proved this by being here and then leading us off, so I thought I would give him as much leeway as possible, as the desert wouldn’t have much room for fun. I would go on about the desert but others with more skill with the pen then I have, have mentioned things about it, but the rocks were sharp, and its hotter a blacksmiths forge in the height of summer. The air draws the very moisture from your mouth as you breathe, it is very discomforting.

Late that afternoon while traveling Old Gregg darted into some rocks off to our right, I think to hide, Cava took on after him, making sure he was all right, I could barely even walk properly as I am not carrying the proper equipment here so I could only look on in amazement as Cava overcame the heat and nimbly followed Old Gregg. That’s when I noticed a group of figures up ahead, friends from times past. Unfortunately all the information I had read at Thoth’s feet is still jumbled in my head, but this was a group lead by Mollinur the Dwarf, companion of Overkill’s in previous days and other diverse characters, but I did notice that one of his companions seemed to be a fellow priest or devout follower, so once the introductions had been made we kept moving until darkness as this place is very dangerous. We made a little camp near the cave this group had stayed at earlier and we all started to relax. I naturally gravitated to this Minotaur fellow to talk to him, which was a problem as we spoke not the same languages though we tried, until I called upon the magic of My Lady of Light to translate for us, then we had a very good talk, he would have enjoyed staying up chatting with you, Father Phillip, I think.

I always thought Minotaurs were mindless flesh eating monsters, but they seem to have varied ideas amongst themselves, just like humans, and apparently some of them feel great guilt over what their Forebears have done in the past, but they are trying to atone, and this one follows the teaching of Rurga my amazement at this was profound, I’d love to see what some of those Palladins in the Eastern Territories would say if they found that a Minotaur was worshiping Rurga, and was indeed accepted by her.

After our talk over our evening meal I found out that I wasn’t accepted to CrIsis yet, even though I had the Ring and was sent by Lord Thoth himself. We went into the cave for a private chat, and by we I mean just Xerx’ses, Overkill, Cava, Azariel and myself. The party then ‘redacted for security’.

After that the party then agreed to my request and handed over a hair each, and surprise of surprises the Dwarf gave me a small braid of his beard to sacrifice to Isis, and after all that has happened to his pride he handed it over, it was a worthy sacrifice so I restored them all to health. I then called upon the powers of Isis and created bread and milk and we shared our bountiful meal with the others in the party. By this time Xerx’ses was much more comfortable, with the fact that the sword was no longer protruding from his chest. Minotaurs must be very enduring because that sort of wound, and the trek that followed surely would have killed a lesser being.
By this stage we all were ready for sleep and went to our respective bedrolls and slept.

2nd of Kym-nark-mar

The Sun rose in the morning, no where else have I found Lord Ra’s powers expressed so greatly, and before the sun had risen a handspan above the horizon the terrible heat returned. It seems that Troker is going to be our new destination, rather than a missing Flail. I have heard stories of Troker, and they all warn that you will never find a more wretched hive of Scum and Villainy, and that you must be very cautious as any thing goes. So we head off towards Troker and the leaders of the two groups get into an argument that i guess wouldn’t have happened if Overkill hadn’t been a Dread Pirate himself, It was dragging along until the Minotaur, fed up by the insults let his anger get the better of them and joined in, and nothing quite gets you attention then a Minotaur letting his anger loose. I’m glad he’s with me. The argument wound down then (and it was over gold of all things, we are doing the bidding of the gods and the 2 Dwarf leaders are arguing over $%#%^$ Gold.)

I probably would have been more sympathetic with Mollinur if he wasn’t taking his anger and greed out on everyone, effecting a great mission given to us from the very gods themselves, and they are arguing about gold. The only word that comes to mind is


In Faith-
Sent on the 2nd day of Kym-nark-mar in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.

Minotaur from the incredible Andy Park.
Rocky Desert from
Pillars from National Geographic.

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