The Minotaur And The Golem

When Men Get Tough


It just escalated. I am so furious. I’d throw in the towel right now if it was not for Thoth. It started normal a woman was all enthralled about the troglodyte and it would have been ok being in a place of learning and knowledge but no it went from bad to worse when this elder Elf approaches Cava and asks us to prove our stuff. So we show him the image of the Defiler Elanu. This sparks all kinds of excitement and contention as the Elf chastises us on who and when to sow the image. Also turned out that woman that was so infatuated by Roggan has to be put down as she was a follower of Anubis (she had a tattoo of the dog face on her shoulder that I didn’t pick up until after we had left the room and got the what for). Again I am getting ahead of myself. I thought we were on the highest floor and that not just anyone could go here but evil it turns out can visit if they are a member of the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild (still ahead of myself).

Well the Elf tells us that he is a worshiper of Isis and shows us a necklace that he has around his neck. I didn’t think much of it since he just had a worshiper of Anubis killed via a psionic command; funny how he didn’t do that before to keep the Guild clean.

At any rate, Roggan tells the Elf that he is wanting to put his soul into a construct called a golem (much like Gina) when suddenly a Minotaur appears in the center of the room. All of us show immediate alarm and a magic bubble appears around us to shield us all in. As the light is fading weapons were drawn but the creature gets down on one knee and announced he was from Isis and here to serve CrIsis. After a few questions we begin to notice that the bubble was getting smaller. We didn’t know that this was a spell from the Elf until later as he was supposing that we were frauds and that the Minotaur was the icing on the cake and that we were there to dispose of him. It was Tyvernos that convinced him that he should drop the bubble as he was a son of a Defiler and would do us no harm.

With as much as the Defilers have had an impression on Wisdom it comes to no wonder that their names are sacred (perhaps magic). Again, introductions were in order and Xerx’ses introduced himself (the Minotaur; do you not also find that odd) as well as the Elf, Kel-ed.

The attire of this Minotaur was fascinating as he had Dwarfen runes in all parts of his attire and weaponry. He spoke the old Dwarfen much like you do only with a clearly more ancient accent. His weapon was decorated with scriptures of the prophets of the Light. As I was thus pondering the weapons (oh damn it I am getting in my ‘holier then thou talk’) I realized that the bastard needed to look more human then he then did (all 11 feet of him) so we asked the Elf for assistance on getting a metamorphosis spell in a ring for him. The man assured us that he would check into it but there was a series of things that needed to transpire to insure our guaranteed help. First he wanted a blood oath of me to insure that I would be the keeper of the Minotaur. It shocked the creature as the oath was taken as he was sure that our races still hated each other. To be honest with you Mary, I would trust an Elf sooner then a Human. That’s just me.

Kel-ed showed the pendent that he wore around his neck (then again I already told you that) and then told us the story of his master Xar-Xar who was as old as the Elf/Dwarf War itself. That makes the guy ancient in my book. The stories he could tell I am sure would be magnificent (and perhaps a bit one sided). The man was under the impression that the Gnomes were extinct. I thought it odd. Then again I have not seen them all that much on my travels and I have seen a lot of this land.

I then asked him if he was familiar with other members of the Defilers. Turns out that the guy has only met one (Xar-Xar) but knew that others had to be alive if he (Elanu) was alive. I just feel privileged to know and have meet three. Just look at me the guy that has meet heroes and gods. I count myself lucky.

After formalities got out of the way the Elf was kind enough to make our friend invisible as to allow us to get round better. He then escorted us to our rooms and we spent the night. I was in the room with the Minotaur. (I didn’t sleep well because it creeped the hell out of me but I was eventually able to drift off to sleep.)

When morning came it was time to get inducted into the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild. The Elf touched our two warlocks and disappeared. They were not gone that long. When the reappeared they were in hot pursuit of a demon or devil (I get those mixed up) and Cava in an attempt to kill it threw his axe and I, not wanting Cava to get killed, pursued Cava. I was tripped up by the ground suddenly becoming glue and hit my face (thankfully not landing on my swords that were drawn). The demon creature escaped and I was again able to move. Cava’s axe was later retrieved as it had disappeared when it “missed” its target (though I am sure it hit).

When the dust settled the Elf thanked us and as it turned out the creature had infiltrated the organization and the act of its expulsion gave several of us immediate admittance as we had shown we were truly the bad asses that needed to be part of the club. Gifts were awarded to the warlocks for their discovery and we were awarded for our heroics with money, knowledge and free access of the library for three days.

I have never been called Scion of Light but the following day we were ushered to an coliseum or auditorium or something that was full of the members of the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild. A careful scan as they were praising us revealed the god Ra among their numbers. When he was about to be pointed out by one of the members of CrIsis he promptly disappeared. It was pretty fantastic. Once again they rewarded us; this time with money. They then asked us where we wanted to place the money and I immediately thought of you and all the money you spent to see me and how you only got a moment. I am so sorry dear.

Cava was so impressed by the warm welcome that he took Kel-ed aside to another room and told him that if ever he wanted to he could send a message to CrIsis with the true name of Cava.

It was during our three days that we discovered that Nicole was attacked by Fenry wolves and it was the valiant efforts of Gina that saved the Captain and the Bard. I think that this is when Roggan became more determined to become a golem himself as he was deeply heart broken and wept for what seemed like hours for his construct. I learned that it was no mere construct but that part of his soul was in Gina and that when she died so did it. I wish that I had known that there was such an investment.

We failed to tell the Elf that we were summoned by the king and began to head in that direction not knowing that we needed an invitation. He raced to the palace before we got there was he had found out the intention of the team to meet the king. Quickly he cleaned us up with magic and sent us on our way.

When we meet the king he was older than usual. Hafton was his name. An elf of fine stature he expressed that he had no intention of continuing an unnecessary war with the Wolfen and that he shared several kingdoms view that the Wolfen were a noble and honorable race. I could not be happier until he also told me publicly that CrIsis could not be trusted as it seemed that we were supposed as being responsible for the fall of Bizantium. I was furious. Again the accusation was following us. Curse you Anubis.

After meeting with the king Roggan told us that he needed to get some gems and see a smith. I thought nothing of it and though the whole golem matter ended or that he was going to create a replacement for his beloved creation. That being said we headed to the north part of town where we encountered a Dwarf named Gonex. He had some of the materials that the Troglodyte wanted but when he realized that I was accompanied by an invisible guest he ushered us all out and closed shop.

After the three days of looking at the library we finally had a funeral for the creation Gina. I was really good. Cava spoke and I almost cried (almost). It was after the service that Roggan revealed his plans and asked for our council on the matter. Now looking back at it I believe that he wanted us to feel that we had some influence on the matter, damn him. That little turd against our advice turns himself into a golem. Now I do not profess to be the strongest, smartest or most powerful but I at least listen (most of the time) and I sure as nine hells wouldn’t turn myself into a construct but he did.

That night as we were discussing payment for Matilda I could not help but think that there was going to be trouble for what Roggan had done, I just don’t know what it is going to be.

Holy Thoth in heaven, Mary, pray for us.

Written by Overkill on the 5th of Selestra the 1st year of King Minischmee.

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