The Obelisk


I could tell you some stories of Perfone, and her legendary mace Oathbringer, and the famous Scepter of Ra, but it is best if you pick up some of the books about the Defilers yourself. I know that the books about CrIsis are supposedly written by the masterful bard Rod Rambler– I recommend his books on the Defilers!

As far as a monument, it is already being done! There are small statues to those of CrIsis around the Obelisk of Osiris! It is said that the moment someone joins CrIsis a new statue mysteriously arrives! I understand that the new king of Timiro, the one known as King Guy, has sent troops there to protect it, as well as there being some Phoenixi there! If I can get a traveling priest to settle down for some time here in Aracho I will make a pilgrimage there.

Fair thee well, wherever you may fare! May Isis’ Torch Light Your Way!
Father Philip
Sent to the Gold Coast Trading Company in New Crests, per instruction, on the 27th of Pegasus in the 1st year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture from LostKnightKG

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