The Ruse

Oh Yes I am the great pretender:

Kiddie gloves off. Yes I meant what I said about my parents and sisters but I am Overkill the pirate. When we get on that boat the Merd persona needs to be put aside. I know that I swore an oath to Osiris that I would be man for the job but I cannot put off what I was or am. I am a proud dwarf that has been the embarrassment of Bizantium. No one has ever challenged my ability to get the job done and I fear that if I am Merd too long that the doubt of the gods themselves will start to come out. No, alas, I am going to take some charge in this mission, if not on this boat. Speaking of which, yellowwood, wow, did not see that coming. The strongest wood in the Eastern Territories, perhaps the world. A whole ship made from it and I have never seen more then an axe handle made of the precious wood. This trip is truly watched by Isis. She really wants to see this through. Research on Dread Pirate Jason has been grueling as not much has been said about him. He was a pirate, killed more than a few, plundered untold, raped a few and then nothing. What gives? Is he dead or just not that important to mention where he is buried?

Posted by Overkill on the 8th day of Grekar, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.


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